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Worker Rules (Booth Instructions)

Do be kind and helpful to everyone
Help those in need.

Offer assistance to the booths on either side.

Kindly converse with those going by.

Let everyone know that you care about them and the best way is not to tell them but to live it out in front of them.

We are there as Royal Ambassadors of Christ.  Dress the part.

Please use only the King James Bible or King James New Testament and only tracts that use the King James Bible verses.

Coats and ties are not necessary, but be presentable as ambassadors of Christ. Shirts with a collar are always appropriate. Wear casual, comfortable shoes.

Ladies please wear skirts or dresses, knee length or longer. No one is to wear shorts. We are not attempting to pry into lives with this request, merely trying to keep a very modest booth.

Personal Hygiene
Wear clean clothes. Monitor your breathe with breath enhancers. Be aware of the hot weather and perspiration. It would be a shame to be offensive to the very one you are trying to win.

Do not be argumentative
If they want to persist, ask them for their name and address so someone can come by later and discuss the issue. If they decline, they are not sincere in their search for the truth and don’t bother to talk with them. Walk away. If they persist, ask them to leave.

Don’t butt into the conversation of other witnesses.

Do not detain
If a prospect says he must go, we must let him go.

We cannot detain him physically or verbally.

Children under 13 years of age
We must ask for parental or caretaker permission to talk to children.

Ask the child if their parents/caretaker are present. If so, ask the parent/caretaker yourself (do not get into the aisle to do so). If the parent is elsewhere at the fair, ask the child to go ask the parent/caretaker. If possible invite the parent to listen in and offer them a chair.

Do not touch prospects. Please do not even hug them. If they initiate contact keep it as brief as possible. Keep contact to just a handshake, which is always appropriate. Don’t criticize those caught-up in the moment who have hugged someone; but refrain from hugging or touching.

As general rule do not pass-off potential converts
AGM workers often pass off potential converts in order to jump-start booth activity and so the witness can also do the discipling, later.

Carry your converts from start to finish (follow-up).

Show them you care. Love makes a difference.

Do not "Burn Bridges"
We are there to plant and water:
not to get the last word;

not to show how much we know;

not to get the cults told-off;

not to tell off the obnoxious.

Someone may be able to win them next week or month or year, because you planted the seed and were kind.

We are there to love the lost
Burning the bridge to a lost person is to seal off further seed and water, of which God will demand an accounting, later.

Stick to Business
Don’t waste time:

talking to others in the booth;

talking to your friends;

talking to Christians who stop in.

don’t block the doors

Define Area around Booth
Stay behind front imaginary line of the booth.

Respect booth area of neighbors.
Do not infringe on their area.

Do not use booth materials while away from the booth

You must agree to abide by these rules and sign an agreement form before you can work in an AGM booth.  It is imperitive these rules be followed to insure our ability to continue working in fair booths showing us to be a good witness.  We must follow all fair rules.







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