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Who We Are   &   Who We Are Not

Who We Are:

  1. We are a Soul Winning Ministry in the public market places of the world.
  2. We are fundamental Independent Baptists.
  3. We use only the King James Bible for english speaking people in our Mission.
  4. We are a volunteer organization.
  5. We are God supported through God’s people who give to the Mission & workers through donations.
  6. We are one-on-one evangelism in the public market place.
  7. See our Statement of Faith (Click Here) 
  8. We believe in the ENTERNAL SECURITY of the true believer. 

Who We Are Not:

Please understand:  The point of this list is certainly not to disparage the groups listed below, but merely establishing those issues which we cannot allow as a part of AGM’s market place ministry.

  1. We are not “Street Preachers”
  2. We are not “Tent Revivals”
  3. We are not public “Crusades”
  4. We are not “Full Gospel”
  5. We are notCharismatic
  6. We are not in support of the "tongues" movement of today.
  7. We are not in support of the "healing" movements of today. 
  8. We are not “Ecumenical”
  9. We are not an employer
  10. We do not “pay” workers
  11. We do not believe that a true believer (saved person) can lose their salvation by any means. 

(Click Here) to view a video of one method of "How We Fish" in the public market place.  (8 minutes)

(Click Here) to view a video of one method of "Leading Someone to the Lord" in the market place.  (14 minutes) 

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