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Where We are Today

  • As of 2013, Amazing Grace Mission will be 30 years old and growing very rapidly, especially over the last five years. 
  • We have approximately 260 full-time or part-time missionaries and have served in approx. 400 fairs, festivals and farm shows in the previous year, including foreign fields. 
  • God has blessed and each year of the last five years, AGM has reaped over 46,500 professions of faith in the marketplaces attended.
  • Approximately 9,000 respond yearly to the Bible Club/discipleship program. 
  • Many churches have been trained and are ultimately running/staffing fairs nationwide.
  • Missionaries in foreign fields have been trained in “marketplace” soul winning for use in the marketplaces of their respective mission fields.
  • The fairs, festivals, and farm show contracts that were attended in the year cost AGM over $100,000. 
  • Gospel Tracts provided for use in the fairs totaled over $60,000. 
  • Another large expense incurred is the postage/shipping for newsletters, Bible Club lessons, and forwarding tracts to the missionaries nationwide for fair use, totaling $19,500. 
  • Liability insurance, administrative expenses and minimal salaries make up the remainder of cost incurred each year in ministry.  God provides for every need.  To Him Be the Glory!









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