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Our Vision

The expanded vision for Amazing Grace Mission is to “raise up” at least one thousand workers to minister in the market places of America and the world.  Our prayer and vision is to train many more thousands of Christians how to be a bold witness of the gospel in the market place and their daily lives. 

Amazing Grace Mission is amazingly unique in that AGM is the only “market place” ministry known to be operating in all 50 states reaching untold thousands with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  However, AGM has only begun to “scratch the surface” of the potential market place venues which can be opened.  There are over 2500 fairs in the United States and literally thousands of festivals and public venues which are potential soul winning opportunities. Currently, AGM is ministering in more than 300 fairs, festivals, farm shows, etc. barely 10% of the opportunities with a result of over 20,000+ souls professing Jesus as Savior each year for the last five years.  It’s easy to examine the math and see that if AGM were able to man or train churches in marketplace soul winning to cover all the available public venues, the result could be an awesome 200,000+ souls per year.  Beyond that figure, are the thousands of Churches which can be trained to carry the gospel into their local market places such as: fairs, festivals, flea markets, swap shops, and jockey lots which could have staggering results in seeing people come to know the Lord as Saviour. 

Opening this ministry to foreign fields is a major part of the future vision.  We have introduced the concept of market place ministry into Australia, Canada, and Mexico, Brazil, and the African continent with great results.  Letters are received weekly from foreign mission fields with an expressed interest in AGM’s market place approach.  As the Lord leads and provides we look forward to expanding into these countries. 

As interest accelerates in ways to reach the lost, Amazing Grace Mission is praying for a 1,000 missionaries/workers and a training facility which could accommodate the many needs of such an effort.

Our country and world need the “Good News” of the saving grace of Jesus Christ so desperatelyPlease pray about what part God may have for you in this unique and amazing ministry.

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