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Thomas & Tari Adesoye
Nigeria, Africa

Thomas Adesoye is the Nigerian Director for AGM, West Africa.

Church: Grace Independent Baptist Church
State: Adwa Ibom State

Contact Information:

Box 2869
Uyo, Adwa Ibom State
Nigeria, West Africa

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The Adesoye Family 

Thomas got saved as a young adult, sometime at the Independent Baptist Church of Minna, where he started attending the Bible Institute there before moving down South, Calabar, Capital City of Cross River State, in 1986. He served as Asst. Pastor for ten years before moving to the City of Uyo, Akwa Ibom to plant the Grace Independent Baptist Church there. 

He got married to then Tari Darego on 8th June 1996 and they are blessed with four Children (2 boys & 2 girls) out of which two are their biological Children while the other 2 are adopted. Their names are Ola 17+  Success 15, Sunday 13 & Porit 10.

Tari Adesoye got saved while in the 9th grade in Southern Baptist Church in Lagos. She and Thomas met and got married in the Church where he was serving as Asst Pastor. The Grace independent Baptist Church of Uyo was born on the 6th of October 1996 with attendance of 7 persons and 5 profession of Faith in a local Primary School Hall.

In the year 2006 the President of Amazing Grace Mission by Divine arrangement came to Nigeria, for the Lagos International Trade Fair. There Brother John Gardner introduced and trained him on how to do market place Evangelism.

From that time till date, it has been outstanding testimonies of profession of Faith from thousands of Souls as a result of taking trips within Nigeria and other African Countries. 

Aside from doing Fairs Thomas' Church is committed to planting Churches, Christian education, reaching to the Orphanages, Muslims and Inter land or village outreaches. 

Join us in prayers for God's provision for Bibles, Tracts, Gospel of John and Romans and other Christian Literatures for free distributions.
With your Prayers, Support and God's Grace we are trusting the Lord to keep on to the uttermost.


Thomas.   28th October
Tari           12th June
Ola           17th May
Success    28th August
Sunday.      10th April
Porit.         23th November


Thomas & AGM President working the AGM booth

Read the complete story of Thomas' first fair as told by John Gardner below:

When you have seen the Lord work so miraculously in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin!  So we will begin where we should always begin by thanking Him for being a Great God and Saviour.

Because of your prayers and God’s sincere desire to see souls saved around the world, He showed his mighty hand in many miraculous ways.  I have never personally see the working of the Holy Spirit in such power, completeness, visible evidences!  It seemed everything Thomas Adosoye (the Nigerian Director for AGM) and I prayed for, the Lord did!

The total of 202 professions of salvations is great, but only a page of the great book of Holy Spirit workings we were a part of.  The first 4-5 days were so great we could almost feel the presence of God there.  It seemed every testimony was very deep in understanding.  Here are just a couple from the first few days, and I want you to know these are just an sample of how all the testimonies were!  Ese wrote, “I believe Jesus Christ died for my sin that I might be whole, i.e. saved.”  Nididi, 35, wrote, “I am happy now and if Jesus Christ come now I know I’m going to heaven because I believe in Him.”  Solomon, 44, a Muslim wrote, “My life has been changed by the blood of Jesus.  I feel very happy within me, as I trusted in Jesus Christ as my Saviour at Amazing Grace Mission.  And lastly, Ahme another Muslim, 30, wrote, “I was preached at Amazing Grace Mission at the Trade fair and I was happy.  I believe that Lord Jesus Christ is my Saviour.  I want to be baptized today.”  He wanted us to baptize him at the fair!  Then he wanted to know of a church to attend.  He left with a smile that $1,000,000 wouldn’t wipe off!  There were many, many other testimonies just as good.

During the second day of the fair, I had the opportunity to witness to a Muslim man.  He was searching and was amazed at what the Bible told him.  I don’t normally mention the point that we receive peace and joy when we accept Jesus Christ as Saviour.  He was really bewildered that “in this evil world” anyone could have peace.  How could we be joyful and be at peace when 9-11 and terrorist threats were happening.  Then the Hurricanes that have hit America, HOW COULD WE HAVE PEACE?  During this time the Holy Spirit was giving me verse after verse to show him, each just what he needed.  During the Gospel presentation I gave him a Smiley tract. (I didn’t do that but a couple of times because I didn’t bring very many.)  I wanted him to see how a gift works, it’s something to receive, and not something you are ever working for.  Well, he didn’t get saved, but left with the words to pray for him.  He said, “I probably won’t get much sleep, I feel troubled inside (pointing to his chest).”  He mentioned his name was Paul and that he knew Paul (in the Bible) had a dramatic conversion and hoped he would have one too, if it were possible.

He left unsaved and was a great burden on my heart.  That night while reading the Bible, I was impressed to fast for his salvation.  The verse, “this kind cometh not but by prayer and fasting.” came to mind.  So I committed to a one day fast for Paul.  I don’t tell you this to build me up in any way but to show how the Holy Spirit was working.  I didn’t hear anything from him all that week.  On Saturday, he walked up with a big smile and asked if I remembered him.  I said I did and even remembered his name.  I asked him if he had accepted Jesus yet and with a big grin he couldn’t get rid of, said yes, I now have peace and joy in my life.  We talked some more and I got him to write this testimony down for your sakes.  “I met John Gardner in the Lagos Trade Fair ‘selling’ an unusual product in an unusual place.  I asked a lot of questions, he gave me a little gift and promised to be praying for me.  The little gift (Smiley) did a whole lot of magic and I am now happy to be retraced to Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord.” Paul

By the way, Paul, was not counted in the 202 professions since it was not at the fair where he got saved.  I believe there are many like that that get saved but are not on our ‘official’ record count.  We also had 2 people saved at the housing where we stayed, also not in the ‘official’ count, but in God’s count!

Another evidence of the Holy Spirit’s working was in Thomas Adosoye.  I knew very little about him before going to Nigeria, but God was giving us the best.  Thomas is a GREAT soul winner, very spiritual, wise, and very quick to pick up and understand what we do and how we do it and why we do it the way we do.  All these were very important since we will not be Nigeria to continue to train and watch over.  The Lord had just the right one for us.  By the way, if you want a GREAT return on your giving, Thomas will reap you more rewards in Heaven for the dollar that anyone that I can think of.  Click here to donate online for his work.

Lastly, the Holy Spirit was evident in my protection.  I was told by the US Gov’t not to travel by local Nigerian airlines.  There was a crash in Lagos one week before I got there to confirm that I shouldn’t fly locally.  Then after the Trade Fair, I was scheduled to travel by van to another location and the US Gov’t sent a letter advising Americans to limit your travel so I stayed put in Lagos.  I could sense danger was around but I felt safe in all situations because of the Holy Spirit’s leading.

All in all, I was comforted and reassured that God wants us to expand around the world the ministry of winning souls at fairs and shows in every country.

John Gardner, President 





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