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Soul Winning Fair Ministry of Amazing Grace Mission

John 4:35 -" Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest."

 "Click" on the AGM missionaries listed below for bio and contact information:

Adesoye - Thomas (Africa)
Andres - Steve and Pat
Babalola - Abraham and Rebecca
Basch - Gregory and Marsha
Blanton - Lou
Covington, TX, USA
Boger - CB and Dorothy
Boots - Ray and Jeannette
Brown - Derl and Martha
Burch - Tom and Jane
Burkholder - John and Polly
Butzer - Sandra
Cagle - Larry and Christy
Camp - Rozanne
Candia - Pastor Renen Abraham and Maria
Cane - Kathy
Cantonwine - Neil and Mary
Carr - Allen
Cash - Bill
Chapman - Eric and Cheri
Charland - Dan and Jennifer
Conley - Curt and Becky
Copeland - Ralph and Linda
Costigan - Terry and Betty
Davis Dan and Kathy
Demarest - Joe and Sonjia
Donahue - Gene and JoAnn
Edwards - James
Enriquez - Nacho and Babette
Ericson - Norm and Anita
Fluckey - Pastor Charles
Chalmers, IN, USA
Gardner - Dr James H
Gardner - John and Paula
Gibson - Donald
Gillam - Ralph and Cheryl
Gingras - Anne
Gingras - John and Donna
Gochenour - Marvin and Sarah
Ocala, FL, USA
Gonzalez - Reiner and Tania
Goss - George and Cindy
Hanson - Harold and Christine
Heichel Don and Joyce
Hemphill - Nora
Holm - Rob and Karen
Houle - Rodney and Kathy
Inzerilli - Tony
Jackson - Bobby
Jackson - John and Debbie
Jamison - Bill and Mary
Jewells - Bill and Sandy

Email address: excopper18 (at)

Kanzigg - Mike and Toni
Karpenko - Paul and Sandy
Keller - Don and Carol
Kingsbury - John
Koehn - Robert and Marilyn
Lahr - Rob
From: Lolo, Montana
Phone:  406-880-8098
Sending Church:  Open Door Baptist Church, Missoula, MT
Joined AGM in: 2006
Mission verse:
Family life: Stacey, (wife), Kayleen (dtr), Wyatt (son)
My personal testimony is:  

My Testimony of my involvement with AGM:   


Rob & Stacey Lahr

Massey - John David and Ginger
Mayberry - Shane
Merwarth Larry and Barbara

From: Ocilla, Ga


Phone:  229-848-4491

Sending Church:  Grace Baptist Church, Tifton, GA

Joined AGM in: 2011

Mission verse: Eph 2:8

Family life:1 son

My personal testimony is:   Larry grew up in church but didn't know about salvation until age 70 when he asked Jesus into his heart.  Life has never been better.  Barbara was not raised in a christian home.  Went to a Luthern church occasionally.  never heard the word "saved" until she was in her 50's.  Accepted Christ at the age of 54, when the gospel was presented at her mother's funeral in 1/26/2000 PTL!

My Testimony of my involvement with AGM:   Lost souls have always been our burden.  We tried knocking on doors, inviting people to church, passing out tract, etc.  None of these have been fulfilling.  When we heard about AGM (Dr James Gardner visited our church), We both knew this is something we would live to do.  At that time, Barb was still working but as soon as she retired we joined AGM.  Our lives have never been the same.  Seeing so many professions of Faith has been such a blessing.  Working with other AGM Missionaries has also been a blessing to us.  We pray God keeps us healthy and financially fit to continue winning souls to Jesus Christ.
Miller - George and Linda
Oolthewah, TN, USA
Moore - Glen and Carol


Neve - Rolland and Cheryl
Newkirk - Rebecca
Norton - Joe and Mary
Nutter - Donald and Barbara
OBrien - Randy and Tammy
Patrick Chris
From: Scott Depot, WV


Phone:  304-757-6819

Sending Church: Teays Valley Baptist Church, HUrricane, WV

Joined AGM in: 2007

Mission verse: Proverbs 3:5,6

Family life: Wife deceased(2006), two daughters

My personal testimony is:   I was saved in June of 1967 at the age of 30.  My family and I were attending Grace Baptist Temple, St. Albans, WV at the time.  I was saved alone at home while reading the Bible.  Before I was saved, we only attended Sunday School. But the Sunday after I was saved, I stood up in our Sunday School class, and told everyone that I had received Christ while at home.  I was baptized several weeks later.  From then on we attended all services faithfully.

 My Testimony of my involvement with AGM:    I came to AGM through the assistance of AGM Missionary Jim Steed (deceased).  I met Jim at a soul winning booth at the Milton, WV flea market.  Since then, I've worked fairs in WV, FL, and SC.

Paul - Murthy Ruben and Clara Joyce
Pierce - Roy and Patti
Powell - Donovan L
Price - Dan and Lisa
Quapourlee Jesse
Ray - Jim and Linda
Rickert - Lloyd
Ridgeway - David
Rife - Keith
Sabir - Javed and Shareen
Salcido - Lupe and Minerva
Schwartz Linda
Shedal - Gary and Diane
Snyder Ricky and Dora
Sonier - Dick and Virginia
Spurlock - Steve
Stavenhagen - WG and Liz
Stewart - Bill and Doris
Tiglao - Rodillo and Norma
New Zealand
Triplett Roger and Carol
Van Why - Bob and Pat
Volk Ken and Susanne
Wallace - Al and Margaret
Walls Buddy and Ann
Walmsley - Tom and Joyce
Werner - Lee and Nola
Wilcox - Steve
Willis - Fred and Anne
Witt - Roy and Ava Nell
Wolters - Andy and Becky
Yerks - Brett
Zick - Bert and Bertie
Zornes - Glenn
Zornes Jim and JudyJo
Jim & JudyJo live in Indiana.  They may be contacted by email.