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Soul Winning Fair Stories plus+

From: Norm & Anita Ericson

Praise the Lord !!  We praise Him and thank Him for the blessings of the
New England fairs He has allowed us to be in during July and August.  The Cape Cod Fair was July 21 - 29th.  

One special blessing was that several different days folks came by the fair booth to say hello and let us know that they had been saved at our booth LAST year.  Some of these folks even brought friends along and asked if we  could share the Gospel with them.  Praise the Lord for the evidence of fruitful lives. Jerod, (saved last year) brought his friend Lily- Her testimony: " Jesus came into my heart and will eternally stay there."    Shane, 15, was brought by two friends who were saved at the booth last year.  He wrote, " I accepted Jesus into my heart and have admitted my sins and have been saved by the Lord."

Carl, 64, came by and mentioned he's had cancer for 4 years, is having chemo and radiation and was very afraid of dying.  He was
happy to find out from the Scriptures that when he does die he will go to heaven because he has now trusted Christ as Saviour.  He wrote: "I invited Jesus into my life.  This now reinforced my belief that Jesus died for my sins."

While sharing the Gospel with Cassandra she commented, "WOW!  I have learned more here than in my CD class!"  She wrote, "I learned what Christ did for me, I then prayed to accept Christ into my heart." On Sunday, a lady came running over to the booth and asked for a "SMILE BOOKLET". She went on to explain that while her Dad lay dying he kept asking her to read his copy to him over and over, daily until he finally passed away.  He loved that booklet so much that she put it in the casket with him and therefore needed another copy for herself.  That SMILE Booklet has a clear presentation of God's Plan of Salvation and is the booklet that we pass out at all fairs.

Bob, his daughter Cora, and her friend Jessica came by to fellowship.  Each of them were saved at our booth (5,4,3, yrs ago respectively) and Bob is now very involved with a Prison Ministry at his church.  Bob's wife died this spring and he is very thankful he has the Lord with him through this difficult time. We asked Colleen, 40, if she was 100% sure of going to heaven and she said, " Actually, my husband tried to kill me by strangulation and drowning two weeks ago and I do not know where I would have gone, can anyone know for sure?"  Praise the Lord for preparing her heart for the Gospel.  She accepted Christ and wrote, "I was saved!!"

Two young teens checked out our 3 doors while their parents attended the cooking show next door.  They already knew all the facts about Christ, (in their heads), but had never received Christ into their hearts until we showed them how.  As they were leaving one mentioned that their Grandfather as Pastor of a "Christian Church."

Not everyone who comes to the booth gets saved but they all hear a clear presentation of the Gospel and have the opportunity to trust Christ as Saviour.  One teen (born in Japan) showed up and announced- "God has never done anything for me, why should I believe in Him?"  Others come by and say things like, "I'm an atheist, I don't believe in God!" " I don't believe the Bible, it was written by a man!"  "I'm going to heaven because I'm a good Catholic!"   We don't argue with anyone but try to get a tract into their hands and pray they'll come again when they are ready to accept Christ. 2Co 4:4 " In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."

The Rhode Island Fair was August 16 - 20th.  The Indian Chief from a local Rhode Island Tribe came to the booth. Since his wife has given birth to two children he has really wondered about God and is searching.  He has never read the Bible but really wanted one and said he will read it through this year and come back to the booth next year and tell us what he thinks about it. He also wanted many of the Gospel tracts we had on the table. "and how shall they believe in him of  whom they have not heard?" Rom 10:14

Chelsea, 15, wrote "I accepted Jesus into my heart and soul!"  The next night she brought 3 friends to the booth so we could show them how to be 100% sure of going to heaven.  Erica, 16-" I have just been saved and I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't know.  This has been a good experience and I will think differently now."  Jake, 15- " I came here and was told about God and how to let Christ into my heart and then I pray to be saved." Kevin, 17- "I was just saved!!" Josh 24, - "I asked to be forgiven of my sins and asked Jesus, our Lord and God into my heart".  His comment upon leaving was, " You sure don't find many booths like this at the fair!"

Please pray for the follow-up by local churches.  Some of these folks have already been contacted and are excited about getting into a good Bible-believing church.  Our next two fairs are: Essex Junction, VT. - Aug 26 - Labor Day, then the Tuscararus Fair in Ohio, Sept 18 - 24th.  Please pray for souls to be saved, backsliders to get right with God and Christians to be encouraged.

Thank you for your prayers as we serve Him fair to fair. Your e-mails,
calls, etc., are a blessing and encouragement to us.

"going to and fro occupied in thy fairs" (Eze. 27:19),
Norm and Anita Ericson


From CB & Dorothy Boger

The Power of a Gospel Tract
This man, wife and daughter came by the booth and told me that he came by the Amazing Grace Grace booth years ago.  He was given a "Chick" tract and read it, but did not deal with it at that time.  For some reason he kept the tract and about two years later read the tract again and got saved.  He said that was six years ago.  His wife verified what he said.  He said the Holy Spirit told him to come the booth and tell us his story.  PRAISE THE LORD!!

CB & Dorothy Boger

From: Jack and Nancy Cook

One of the gals in the booth next to us told me she was going to heaven and was saved out of the CULT of Hinduism.  A beautiful gal with a beautiful testimony.  She's moving to Arizona next week and asked me to find an Independentant, Fundamental BAPTIST church for her to go too.  If that isn't a blessing!!!!!!!  Her name was Madhevi !!!  I told her about AGM working in India now and she was so excited!!

A couple started by and I asked her if she was going to heaven.  She kind of shuffled me off.  Her husband was a few feet behind her, so then I asked him.  He said no so I asked him if he would let my husband take 10 minutes to show him from the Bible he could go to heaven.  (I don't deal with men if   Jack is available, that's just a principle we've adopted).  He immediately said yes.  The wife was now about 5 feet in front of him and he called her back.  He was 55 & she was 52.

Jack had the privilege of leading them both to the Lord.  Both old Roman Catholics!!!  As they were leaving the booth, I asked him again if he knew for sure he was going to heaven.  In a voice loud enough to be heard 2 booths away, he said, "I know I'm going to heaven.  My sins are washed away and Jesus is in my heart"  He had the biggest smile on his face you'd ever want to see.  A couple of our other Christian vendors then applauded him and he smiled even wider!!!!  Talk about giving a public testimony.  He wrote on he back of his decision slip, " I confessed, I believe and I ask Jesus to accept me as His son for I accept Him as my Saviour.

In Orlando, a father, mother, son and daughter (both teens), approached our booth curious about what God cannot do!  When asked if they were 50 75 or 100% sure of going to heaven, the mother and children said probably 50%.  But dad said he was sure he was going to Hell.  When he was asked if he wanted to go to Hell, he said, No, but I have no idea what can be done about it. Something was done about it and all 4 got saved.  Jason wrote, I prayed and asked Jesus into my life for the first time.  I now want to read the Bible.  Jason also asked me to send a local pastor to visit with him at his home.  He wanted to talk about being baptized and being a church member.

At the Indiana State Fair on a Saturday morning last year, a lady came by with her 9 year old grandson.  I asked her if she was going to heaven when she died and she said, "I ought to, I've been teaching religion for the last 16 years!".  So I said, "oh, that's so interesting, but if you got to heaven's door and Jesus said why should I let you in my heaven, what would you tell Him? 

She got a blank look on her face, thought for several seconds and said, "I don't rightly know".  So I asked if I could show her FROM THE BIBLE.  We went down the Romans Road, then I told her it was decision time, would she like to pray and ask Jesus to come into her heart and save her and take her to heaven when she died.  "Oh," she said, "I've already done that".  Oh really, I said, when was that?

She said "when I made my first holy communion."

The I said, " You know, I remember a lot of prayers then, but I don't remember EVER praying and asking JESUS to come into my heart, forgive my sins and take me to heaven when I died".  Immediately she said, "then I'd better do that now".

The 9 year old grandson started asking questions, so I asked permission to talk to him, which was granted.  He was really a sharp young man and in a few minutes, both grandma & grandson asked Jesus to come into their heart.!!


Jack & Nancy Cook



We would say if asked, No, China is out of the question, its outlawed there!  Read this testimony.  Jing is a college student, whose parents are in China, born again, in an underground church.  They were visiting their son and saw our booth and got very excited, started taking pictures and asking questions.  We still dont see how the Lord can use this in a closed country but Jings parents certainly thought it would work.  Pray for Jings parents and this outreach and for China in general for souls to be saved.