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Soul Winning Diagnostic Questions

These questions will help you determine a persons “spiritual condition” - do they really know where they will spend eternity?
  1. Can I ask you a question? (wait for response) When you die are you sure of going to heaven or is that something you have some doubt about?
  2. Can I ask you a question? (wait for response)  When you die, are you 50% - 75% or 100% sure you will go to heaven?
  3. Another question? Are you 50% - 75% - 100% sure you are Born Again (or Saved) (as the Bible says we must be)?

(NOTE: If a person immediately admits they are not sure, then skip the next questions and use the question and method outline below on this page highlighted in red & yellow.)

People will answer the questions above with a variety of answers from: "I'm 100% sure" to "I'm 50% sure" or "I'm really not sure" or "yes I have some doubt" or you will get a blank stare as the person realizes they have never encountered that question before.  When the person says they are 100% or any of the other answers you may get, you will need to follow-up with another very important question which will get to the heart of the matter:

Final Follow-up Question (after the opening question):  If you were to die and stand before God and He asked you: "Why should I let you into My heaven?  What would your answer be?"This question gets to the "bottom line" question of:  does this person really know for sure they are going to heaven for the right reasons.

You will get many different answers of why a person thinks they are going to heaven, but if the person you are talking with, cannot give you the "right reason" (Jesus Christ) then you will know you need to go further sharing with them your gospel presentation (if they are willing to listen).  Many will not want to go any further with the conversation, and that's ok, however, try to give them the tract you have in your pocket and let them go.  BUT, MANY WILL WANT TO KNOW! and now is your chance. PTL!!!

Some “cute” questions to try:
  1. “Do you have your ticket yet?”  (repeat the question if needed) When the person says what ticket, then you say “your ticket heaven, your going aren’t you?"  Then follow up with one of the questions listed above.

  2. “Do you have your reservations yet?” (repeat the question if needed) When the person says what reservation, then you say “why your reservation to heaven of course, you are going aren’t you?”  When the person gets the dumbfounded look off of their face, then you ask them one of the questions above (without saying “can I ask you a question”) go straight to the Diagnostic Questions

Another question to ask as a transitional question to help the person understand what you are trying to get them to understand and why you would like to show them from the Bible is:  Do you think heaven is a gift or something you must earn?  Most will say "earn."

Now!  A very important question to transition to showing the prospect from the Bible:  "If someone could just show you how you could be 100% sure of going to heaven (or born again, or saved), you would want to see that!  Wouldn't you?"  As you ask this question use body language by holding your hands out with palms up, and arms spread out, as if to say "wouldn't you."  It is almost impossible for some one to say no to this question.  The point here is you are just going "show them," you are not asking them to do anything but look.  Then say:  "Well, let me show you!" as you move toward an area you can show them from the Bible you have in your possession.  This is a proven method to get people seated before an open Bible to see the gospel truth.

    Then ask to show them from the Bible how God provided The Way (Jn 14:6)  (a gift from God) (Rm 6:23 & Eph 2:8-9).

These are some examples of the questions you could ask, hopefully these questions will provide a starting point, then you can develop your own.  However, these have worked very well for AGM Missionaries.  The point is, God has called us all to be soul winners, and here is an easy way to start.  (Click Here) for more soul winning helps.


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