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Current Needs or Projects

Do you feel burdened to give to a specific fair, purchase smiles tracts, support a missionary, or help in any other active project undertaken by the soul winning ministry of Amazing Grace Mission? Do you want to partner with us as we endeavor to carry out the Great Commission? You may indicate that your donations be used toward a specific need or project. We are always focusing on new fairs and need funding for them. Because fair contracts are very costly, you may also consider designating your donation to be used toward a certain fair or festival. (Click Here to see our list of fairs) Last year we ministered in more than 400 soul winning events and anticipate even more this year (these events are not free). Please contact the AGM office at, or call us at 1-800-524-4018 if you would like more information on any of our needs, open projects or would like to support a specific missionary or CLICK ON any of the items listed below to give through our secure server with your Mastercard or Visa.

Smile Jesus Loves YouSmile Tracts - $1000+ per week needed (any amount you wish to give toward this need will go toward helping meet this need) - code (AGM-06-01) (Click Here to Give)

How much is a soul worth?  Last year AGM spent just under $15. for each profession of faith.  How many souls do you want to see saved?  1=$15, 2=$30, 5=$75, 10=$150, 50=$750 or 100=$1500.  What better way to invest your money than in souls for eternity. 

Fair Contracts - $2000+ per week needed (any amount you wish to give toward this need will go toward helping meet this need)- code (AGM-06-02) (Click Here to Give)

International Fair Contracts - this fund is for all fairs/festivals outside the USA.  As AGM expands around the world it will require increased funding for these soul winning events.  We are anticipating a need of $20,000+ for the upcoming fairs around the world. code (AGM-06-03) (Click Here to Give)

Website Translation - this fund is for the translation of the AGM website into Spanish which will open up to us a whole new world in South America.  The amount needed for complete translation is $50,000.  To give for this project under code (AGM-06-04)
(Click Here)

RVs Needed - many of our missionaries are in need of any type of travel vehicle to help them while "on the road" with AGM.  Can you help?  (Click Here) for more details. 

Give to a Specific Missionary - All missionaries are "God supported" through the gifts and support of God's people whose hearts have been touched by the need to support the Great Commission.
(Click Here to Give)

If you would prefer to send a "hard copy" check please list the associated fund code on the memo line of your check. If you would prefer to give us you credit card information by phone then call the office at 1-800-524-4018 and the office staff will process your credit card request.

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