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Topic: Soul Winning 101 Blog    
Showing Them - Part II  

May 27, 2008
by Glen Moore

TITLE:  What To Say When They Hesitate - "Showing Them" - Part II
One of the best transitions I have seen used at this very critical point in the conversation I learned for a 12 year-old boy who is the son of one of our missionaries. While watching this young boy engage in conversations with people at the North Dakota State fair in 2005, I witnessed him use the following question at this very critical time when the person hesitated (trying make up their mind to see what the Bible says or not). I have used the following transition question hundreds, if not thousands of times since:

"Let me ask you: Do you think heaven is a gift or something you have to earn?"

The answer 9 times out of 10 you get from a person that is not sure of their salvation is: "you’ve got to earn it."

Well, of course, this can lead you to giving them the simple response of: "Well, the Bible says, it’s a gift." (Rom 6:23, Eph 2:8, Rom 5:15-18)

Using this exchange with the lost person seems to have a very "disarming" impact on their demeanor, and usually they express much surprise at the fact that they don’t have to earn heaven, but that it is the "gift of God."

Usually by this time I have put a smile tract in their hand and will say something like this: "You see that little smiley; it is a gift, I didn’t ask you to pay for it and I didn’t ask you to work for it, it’s a gift. But just like when I offered it to you, you had an opportunity to reject it and say you didn’t want it, or you could have walked off and ignored the offer, either way you would not have the gift." Then I would say something like, "You need to know how to receive the gift of eternal life, because if you don’t receive it you won’t have it, and without receiving it you will not enter into heaven. Wouldn’t you like to see how you can receive the gift of eternal life? Come on let me show you." If at this point they aren’t interested I usually put another available tract in their hand and tell them to read it as soon as they can. At this point most people will want to end the conversation, but if they continue to seem interested in the subject you may want to go further; you’ll have to let the Holy Spirit continue to guide you, but don’t in the "flesh" continue to "brow beat" them.

There are a few other things you could say at this point in the conversation (when they have rejected the offer to see), and according to the situation you are in. You may want to say a few things to make them think about their lost opportunity to see the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, remember, you don’t want to alienate them by giving a snide remark which will cause more harm than good and may keep them from ever listening to any attempt in the future from someone else sharing with them, or they will never read the tracts you’ve put in their hand. Soul winning is about what God is doing through the Holy Spirit in the heart of the person you are talking with. You don’t want a soul saved by you; you want a soul saved by the Holy Spirit.

You may say:

  • "Something to think about is that God gives us all only a certain number of "divine appointments" and you just had one to hear the truth; you don’t want to wait to long"
  • Try this one:  "Let me show you something someone showed me once a long time ago."
  • A strong comment: "What happens if you are driving in your car today and someone runs a traffic light and hits your car broadside and in a flash you out into eternity; you weren’t at fault, you were innocent; you thought you had plenty of time to get this God thing taken care of, but friend it will be to late."

If, after all these attempts the person is not interested you have to realize you did all you could and God is in control; you have done your part, and that is all God ask of you. 
For the Salvation of Souls,  

Glen Moore


 Howard & Sandra Butzer

This week's missionary couple:  Howard & Sandra Butzer 
We have been ministering with Amazing Grace Mission since 1989 and what a joy it is to see many saved at the fairs and festivals. When we are not traveling with AGM, we call Chattanooga, TN, home. We present the gospel in many different states, from Florida to Indiana and request you pray for us as we travel, and as we speak to people at the fairs.

Below are some tools which may help you in your soul winning efforts, click on each to check them out:

                                Soul Winner's Bible & other books


Showing Them - Part I  

May 21, 2008
by Glen Moore

Soul winning is not like selling a product, even though it can sometimes seem as though you are giving the same "pitch" all the time. The truth of it is the "pitch" (the gospel) does remain the same; there is no way to change it. There is no way to change the path to God; it is through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). However, your approach to getting the person you're talking with to a point of sitting with you may change as the Holy Spirit leads you into a conversation.

Keeping in mind that the Holy Spirit may lead you to a different approach, we have found that if we stick to the approaches which have proven to work we will see much more success at getting someone to sit with you and look at the scriptures. After you have asked the diagnostic questions to get to the bottom of their spiritual condition, and determined that the person is not sure of their position with God, then comes the "transition" time of getting them from a conversation to looking at the scriptures with you. I understand that we don't "have too" have the scriptures to lead someone to the Lord, but the power is in the Word, and showing them is the best way. Many times I have witnessed a "doubting" person I was having a conversation with change completely as I "showed" them what the Bible says; NOT what I say!

Of course you will run into people who are sure of their salvation and will answer your questions with real authority based on what the Bible says. You should be able to determine these folks spiritual condition and we will cover this issue in greater detail in a later tip.

Assuming you have asked the diagnostic questions and have gotten a response which leads you to believe that the person your talking with is not sure of their salvation (position with God), then your desire is to get them to the scriptures. This can sometimes be a difficult transition for them, and if we can make it easier on them, then it will be a much better situation for both you and the lost person. One thing to remember is we never accomplish anything by arguing with someone or insulting anyone's intelligence by making some careless remark at this point in the conversation. If you have already told them they can be sure of heaven using 1 John 5:13 (previous tip) as your Biblical authority you will want to ask them would they like to see from the Bible.

This is the "point of transition" where they will say "yes" or "no." If they give you an definite "NO" then you will quickly make sure they have a tract in hand and tell them to "read this information, it will help you." (Of course every situation varies and you may not be able to do it exactly as I have described here, but you should get the idea: you cannot force anyone into heaven; they are obviously not ready yet, let them go.)

NOW - if the person hesitates and does not give you an immediate "NO," then the door is still open for you to continue the conversation without hesitation on your part. There are several ways to proceed. BUT, whatever you do - DO NOT get into an argument or create a confrontation at this point (or at any point), but try to transition into making giving a several "pleas" as well as asking other questions. Below are just a few different responses you can use at this point:

1. "If you could just see how to be sure of going to heaven, you would want to see that! Wouldn't you?" (last weeks tip) If they hesitate at this one, then use: "you're just going to see it, you don't have to do anything, just see it."

2. "Why don't you let me show you, it will only take a few minutes, it will be the best few minutes of your life."

3. "If you had a choice between heaven or hell which would you choose?"

4. Most will say heaven, then you can say, "well, it's your choice, and this is one of the few opportunities you may have in your life to see, let me show you."

5. "If you could KNOW 100% how to get to heaven wouldn't you want to know that? Why don't you take a few minutes and let me show you the most important information you ever see in your life.

6. Or you could try: "Let me show you the most important information you'll ever see."

Now, guess what this means, you need to be ready. Do you carry a little pocket Bible with you daily? Do you carry tracts? Are you ready to share by being "armed" with the Word of God? You should be or else you are really not expecting anything to happen. Be ready! NEXT WEEK - Showing Them - Part II

Below are some tools which may help you in your soul winning efforts, click on each to check them out:

                                Soul Winner's Bible & other books


What Should I Say Next? Part II  

May 14, 2008
by Glen Moore

OK - “What do I say next?” Once you have given them the first question (listed in “What Should I Say Next? Part I – last week), and their response is, “I’m not really sure” (or something like that which leads to your next response).  The next best response is to say something like this: “Well, YOU CAN BE SURE; the Word of God (Bible) tells us in 1 John 5:13…”These things have I written unto you…that ye may know that ye have eternal life,….”  Continuing with - “you don’t have to go through life hoping so, thinking so, guessing so, but you can KNOW SO!”  Continuing with - “If you could just see how to be sure of going to heaven, you would want to see that! Wouldn’t you?”  (or you can use “born again” or “saved”) As you ask this question, use hand jesters with your palms up and hands spread out making the physical expression “wouldn’t you?”   At this point most people cannot say no if you ask it this way.  Really, it seems as though they realize that to say “no” would be a really dumb response to the most important question they have ever been asked.  Some will say no, but most will say yes. Since I’ve been using this method which was taught to me by brother Steve Andres, I’ve had much more success at getting people to “look” at the scriptures with me.  What you will be trying to do with this question is to emphasize the “just see it” part.  If they hesitate you can even say, “you’re just going see it, you don’t have to do anything, just see it; what harm can that do?”  Try it! I did, and the numbers of people who have sat with me and looked at the scriptures has tripled since using this simple approach to getting them to take a “look” at what God says about gaining eternal life.  Now, once they are seated or are ready to see it or are ready to listen….then….(Next Week – Showing Them!)


For The Salvation of Souls,

Glen Moore

 Mr. Mang Cin and Mrs. Dal Za Dim Pau - Myanmar Cyclone Update

This week I would like share with you an email message I just got from our missionary family in Myanmar: 

Our family would like to extend their grateful thanks to your prayer support in the midst of hardships through the cyclone hit since May 02, 2008 and we are phisically safe and sound although the house we lived is damaged. I came to know that a good friend is who meets in times of need. You are so special to our family's survivor in the midst of the strong cyclone in Yangon and the southern part of Myanmar. Please continue to pray for the hungry, thirsty, injuried and homeless people in Myanmar through the cyclone.  Thank you very much for your helps.
God bless you all.
Mang Cin Pau

Some have asked how they can help the Pau family.  If anyone feels lead to give funds to help this missionary family, we have made arrangements to have the funds delivered to Mr. Pau in Myanmar.  We will be waiting about a week before we send the total of any funds given to the Pau family.  You may give online by Clicking Here, or you may send a check made out in the name of AGM, indicating the funds are for the Pau family relief effort. 


What Should I Say Next? Part I  

May 7, 2008
by Glen Moore

Once you understand what not to say, (last week's tip) you'll certainly want to know:  what do I say?  You will want to ask questions which get to the "heart of the matter."  Every circumstance and opportunity is different when you have the occasion to share the truth of the gospel of Jesus, "the Christ," with someone, but the central issue which must be addressed is: what is their "spiritual condition."  Now in this day and age of many different religions and beliefs that there are many ways to heaven, the term "spiritual condition" can be misunderstood.  Don't use that term with someone you are talking with, but I want you to understand that YOU need to determine their "spiritual condition" by the responses they will give you from your "diagnostic question."  In the atmosphere of a fair or festival such as what AGM workers encounter, we don't waste much time on "chit-chat" we get to the point quickly with a series of diagnostic questions and responses which have proven over the years to get to the heart of the situation: does a person have any assurance of heaven based on what the Bible says (what God's Word says), and not on what they "believe" will get them to heaven.  What a person "believes" is important as long as it is based on the Bible (God's Word) and not "through philosophy and vain deceit" (Col2:8).  What we encounter when a person uses the word "believe" is it is most often used in the context of the world's idea of salvation, not God's, which is why it is so important you use these simple diagnostic questions and responses to determine a persons "spiritual condition."  There are many questions soul winners ask, and we don't claim these are the only ones which will work, but these are the questions we have found to be the most effective.  Questions we like to use:

  1. Can I ask you a question? (wait for response) When you die are you sure of going to heaven or is that something you have some doubt about?
  2. If you were to die today, would you be sure you are going to heaven?
  3. Can I ask you a question? (wait for response)  When you die, are you 50% - 75% or 100% sure you will go to heaven?
  4. Another question? Are you 50% - 75% - 100% sure you are Born Again (or Saved) (as the Bible says we must be)?

You may have other questions you use which work, and that is fine, but do use something!  Asking nothing will never work!

Next Week's Tip:  What to say to their response!

For The Salvation of Souls,

Glen Moore

 Steve & Pat Andres

This week I would like to feature AGM Missionary couple Steve & Pat Andres, who have been serving faithfully with AGM for many years.  They live in Texas and work events in Texas and other western states.  Steve has spent untold hours developing soul winning methods which work, and has trained many churches.  You can see more of the methods at AndresUSA.  If you have never seen Steves's wonderful 4 minute video showing how God is working in the market place to reach thousands every year, you need to take a look.  Please keep these folks in your prayers as they are "Winning & Warning." You can click on their picture to learn more about this wonderful couple.


What is the worst question you can ask a lost person?  

May 1, 2008
by Glen Moore

Believe it or not the worst question to ask a lost person is: Are you a Christian?  You say - What! Asking someone if they are a Christian is the worst question...How can that be?

It's very simple - in our country (USA) many people claim to be Christian. Hey, if they have ever gone to church in their lives, they think they are Christian.  If they say, "I believe in God," they think they are a Christian.  If they were baptized sometime in the past, they will label themselves as a Christian.  Often they will believe they are Christian, solely due to being a citizen of a so called Christian nation. Sometimes they believe they are Christian due to being a member of a religious family. Some think because they live morally and don't commit BIG sins they are Christian.   But, we all know that none of these things make a person a Christian.

The point is, when you ask someone if they are a Christian and they say "yes" (and they really think they are - right or wrong), and you assume they are a Christian because they said "yes" you may be giving someone the false impression they are a Christian if you say, "OH - Ok, great!"  Listen folks it's not great.  Most people who think they are Christians are in fact - NOT!

The other problem with asking if they are Christian is: as you inquire deeper about what it means to be a Christian you will immediately put them on the defensive when you begin to ask more questions trying to determine their spiritual condition. As soon as your questions or statements begin to show doubt about their Christianity you will cause a problem in the conversation which could have been avoided. Why put you and them in that position when it's not necessary.

How do you prevent this?  It's simple; don't ask the "Christian question."  Instead, ask them a question like this.  "Are you sure you are going to heaven when you die, (slight pause) or is that something you have some doubt about."  When you ask this question it gets to the point of the problem, rather that asking about a label name (Christian) which is highly misunderstood and misrepresented in America.  You might add to the front of the above question this additional part at the beginning: "Let me ask you a serious question." When they say Ok, then follow up with "Are you sure..."  It seems that when you start the inquiry with the "serious question" the person stops "dead in their tracts" and will listen to the rest of the question about being "sure."  TRY IT - IT WORKS!

Next Week's Tip:  What to say next! Part I


For The Salvation of Souls,

Glen Moore

  Derl & Martha Brown

This week I would like to feature AGM Missionary couple Derl & Martha Brown, who have been serving faithfully with AGM for many years.  They live in Pennsylvinia and work events in the eastern United States.  Derl was the missionary who taught me the part of the question used in the Tip listed above regarding "let me ask you a serious question."  Please keep these folks in your prayers as they travel with limited funds on a fixed retirement budget.  You can click on their picture to learn more about this wonderful couple


DO YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS? (Ezekiel 3:18 & Acts 20:26)  

April 24, 2008
by Glen Moore

I am sorry to say I know that I have blood on my hands.  Yes, the blood of those who I have not warned of the impending danger of hell.  Hell is not something most people want to speak of.  We like the softer version of the gospel, which is the "gift of God," which comes from the love of God.  We want to hear about the love of God, not the justice of God which comes in the form of hell. BUT, every one of us is called to be a "watchman," warning of the danger ahead for the sinner who is without salvation.

The fact that I have blood on my hands came again to me this week when I heard that my neighbor had died from the cancer which had been eating at his body for more than a year.  Yes, he had been warned.  He had been warned by Pastor Gooding of 1st Baptist of Prosperity.  He had been warned by others, but he had never been warned by me.  You may say, "Glen, don't be so hard on yourself," but what you don't know is that God had put on my heart several times during the last 9 months to go and warn him myself.  You may say, "But, Glen if a pastor could not convince him of his need for the Saviour, how do you think you could?"  I don't know that I could, but all I know is that God spoke to my heart even as close to two weeks ago to go by and see him, and "warn him."  But, I didn't!  You see it's not my job to save him, or convince him, that is the job of the Holy Spirit, which I did not take heed to.  How do I know the Holy Spirit would not have taken that very opportunity, if I had made the visit to open the man's heart.  Shame on me; Yes! this man's blood in on my hands because the Holy Spirit had spoken to me, and I did not respond.

You see, when a person goes to hell, they have no second chance.  BUT, I have no "second chance" either!  I will never have another chance to speak to the man, to warn him, to respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit.  What is even worse is: how does a person like me ask for forgiveness for such an act.  Yes, I know I can ask for forgiveness, and God will grant it, but it will never help Hal, my neighbor.  I'm sure I am not alone in this lack of response, but that doesn't help me, or Hal.  I'm sure most people who will read this, if they are honest with themselves, can remember people they will never have a second chance to warn.  I'm going to endeavor to not let it happen again; how about you?

For The Salvation of Souls,

Glen Moore

 Mr. Mang Cin and Mrs. Dal Za Dim Pau


This week I would like to feature AGM Missionary couple Mang Cin & Dal Za Dim Pau, who have been serving with AGM from the country of Myanmar (formally Burma). Please keep these folks in your prayers as there is much political persecution in Myanmar.  When you think you have it hard, remember brothers & sisters in Christ like these who are in a daily struggle to put food on the table.  You can click on their picture to learn more about this wonder couple.


 P.S. Here are some good soul winning books, soul winner's Bible, and other items you might find interesting (Click Here).  Also, if you have not gotten a FREE copy of the ebook "Six Basic Steps in a Personal Witness," you are more than welcome to claim your copy by Clicking Here and downloading a copy.



April 15, 2008
by Glen Moore

Well, I guess I should have said, "Why using gospel tracts can be a waste of time."  Yes, that's right, in my opinion, some gospel tracts can be a waste of time and money.  Don't get me wrong I love to use gospel tracts, BUT all gospel tracts are not good!  All gospel tracts should represent a gospel of salvation by grace through faith, but many present a convoluted and confusing gospel. Many times a close examination of tracts will reveal a two sided gospel of grace and works (Rom 11:6). In the last eight years working with AGM, I have collected hundreds and hundreds of different tracts, and I have become "painfully aware" of how many of the tracts are not scripturally or doctrinally sound.  All gospel tracts cost somebody something, so the use of tracts should not only be effective, but efficient.  We shouldn't give out gospel tracts most people won't read because it's a waste of time and money.  Using tracts the majority will read is the best choice.  Now, of course there are those specialty tracts which deal with a particular question or group, but even those should be constructed in such a way the person receiving the tract is likely to read it.  How is the tract going to direct the person to the Saviour if they don't read it?

I doubt that the perfect tract is yet to be written, except the Bible, but we should do our best to present the best tract we can; one which will be read.  Many tracts are just too long in content, and many people will not read a long tract.  It appears the writers of these types of tracts is very concerned with getting in every possible detail, to cover every possible angle someone like me may bring up in examining the tract; but me or others who may scrutinize the tract are not the target of the tract.  The target of the tract is typically a person who has little or no theological background, therefore the tract should be simple enough to get the plan of salvation across, and call them to make a decision.  It is, after all, a simple plan of salvation, there is no reason to make it difficult by covering everything from creation to Revelation.  Now, I know some will think I am "off base" with this analysis of the use of tracts, but after having given out thousands and thousands of tracts of all types in the last eight years, I have discovered the most effective tracts are the short and simple ones.  That is the reason I personally like the little smile tract AGM uses as its main tract.  With almost two million given out each year, that little tract has proven to be the most efficient.  Is it perfect? No, but people will take it (most of the time with a smile on their face), and many will read it.  Over the years, we have heard many many stories from people who have gotten saved from the little smile tract, while only a very few from other tracts.  So, don't make the use of tracts a waste of time and money.  Find a few good ones, which have been proven to be effective, and use them.  You don't need many tracts to get the job done.  We just need to give them out!  Do you have tracts in your pocket every day when you leave home?.........Why not?.....Hmm. 

For The Salvation of Souls, 

Glen Moore

      Roger & Judy Olson

This week I would like to feature AGM Missionary couple Roger & Judy Olson, who have been serving with AGM for 15 years.  Roger has written several soul winning books which have received wonderful reviews and touched many lives. Roger has personally lead thousands to the Lord during his walk with Christ.  You can click on their picture to learn more about this wonderful couple.



GREAT PLAINNESS OF SPEECH (II Cor 3:12 & Eph 6:19)  

April 8, 2008
by Glen Moore

Plainness of speech - meaning boldness.  We need to be both bold and plain with our speech concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ, not confusing the person whom we are trying to explain the mystery of salvation by grace.  I've heard it said, and believe there is truth in the statement, "It takes a theologian to complicate and confuse the simple plan of salvation." Our goal in sharing the plain truth of the gospel is to keep it simple.  I know it was not simple to God, it cost God everything.  That fact is why we need to keep it simple, because God has already paid the price through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.  The work has already been done.  What does it mean to keep the presentation of the gospel simple?  It means not complicating the simple plan of salvation with religious rhetoric and words the prospect you are sharing with does not understand.  Don't use religious words for which they don't know the meaning.  Even many Christians are still in dispute of what a certain word might mean.  Some words which are in the scriptures you show the prospect, like the word "righteousness" or "sin" and even "believe" (put your trust in) must be explained for the prospect to really understand what he/she is being shown from the Bible. The Word of God is what does the work in the heart of person to believe, BUT part of the job we have as proclaimers is to help them understand anything which they may be confused about.  We certainly don't want to contribute to any confusion in their minds.  Let the Word do it's work...

For The Salvation of Souls, 

Glen Moore




March 31, 2008
by Glen Moore

Do you have beautiful feet?  In days of Jesus time on earth, feet were a big deal.  Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the people walked everywhere, and they didn't have the wonderful shoes we have today, they had open sandals, which after time left their feet rough, nasty, and dirty.  That was why it was proper when entering in someone home, they washed their feet.  BUT, you say what do feet have to do with soul winning?  Well, we are told to Go  (Mark 16:15), and it takes the action of our feet to get us there; in other words soul winning (witnessing, sharing your faith, what ever you want to call it) is not done by sitting around, it takes effort to go.  And in the going "our feet" may become rough, scoffed up, and even appear dirty (metaphorically), but don't despair, Jesus told us to expect tribulation and difficulty.  Jesus did not guarantee us it would always be easy, but did guarantee He would be with us "..alway, even unto the end." (Matt 28:20b).  Of course the Apostle Paul, the other Apostles, and Disciples of Christ were examples of the blessings of God, and the tribulations of being a proclaimer of the Gospel.  BUT, beyond that, God guarantees us "beautiful feet."  Do you have beautiful feet in the eyes of God?  Not man's idea of beautiful feet, but God's idea of beautiful feet.  Romans 10:15 tell us: "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"  In Jesus day, the appearance of someone's feet must have spoke volumes to people about who the person was.  If they had beautiful feet it usually it meant they were of Royalty; riding, or carried around, and their feet washed for them by servants. Are you that part of the royal family who God looks at and says your feet are so beautiful?

For The Salvation of Souls,

Glen Moore

P.S. Here are some good soul winning books, soul winners Bible, and others you might find interesting (Click Here).  Also, if you have not gotten a FREE copy of the ebook "Six Basic Steps in a Personal Witness," you are more than welcome to claim your copy by Clicking Here and downloading a copy.



March 25, 2008
by Glen Moore

Remember it’s not you that is responsible for the soul that is saved.  It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility; “no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost” (1 Cor 12:3b).  BUT! Your job is to go and tell them; “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Will you Go?  Will to go to your neighbors, your family, friends, co-workers, will you even go to the strangers you meet everyday in the market place?  Will you?  Remember it’s not you that is doing it, it is the Holy Ghost!  The “Go” in Mark 16:15 is not a request, it’s a command.  It’s a command just like “thou shall not.”  It’s really not optional. It was the command of Jesus to all that follow him.  Some say, “Oh, but I can’t do that (share the gospel).”  Oh, but you can, you see when you say “I can’t” you are relying on yourself, and not God.  Your ability to share the gospel is not in yourself, it is in God.  “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God; Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament;”(II Cor. 3:5-6a).   You are God’s messenger!  He will enable you.  Tell someone.  It’s your responsibility to tell them, it’s God’s responsibility to save them!


Should I Know How to Witness to a Hindu, or Mormon, or ....?  

March 20, 2008
by Glen Moore

The simple question is:  should a soul winner know how to witness to a Hindu, a Mormon, a Muslim, and the list goes on?  The simple answer is yes!  BUT, the greater question is…….. and the bigger answer is…….


We should all learn how to witness to every group we may meet, BUT I have seen people study, take classes, read books, and attempt to gain all types of knowledge about witnessing to many of the different groups in an effort to “learn” how to witness in these difficult situations only to be challenged by the problem only a very few times in their whole life.  The greater problem is the everyday people you encounter on a daily basis in your neighborhood, at your work place, and everywhere you go.  Yes, we should learn how to witness in these difficult situations, but more importantly we should learn to witness in everyday situations for which you will have many opportunities.  And the bigger question is:  Are you prepared and do you take every opportunity to witness to everyone you can.  If you will prepare yourself to witness to the 99 out of 100 you will encounter in a day, you will find that you will eventually prepare yourself for the difficult cases.


10 Quick Tips for Soul Winning  

March 15, 2008
by Glen Moore

Ten Tips for Soul Winning

1. Ask the Lord to prepare hearts to hear of salvation through Jesus Christ.

2. Ask Him to help you be aware of opportunities on a daily basis and to have the courage to take advantage of those opportunities.

3. Ask the person for permission to share with them, before you start.  (Click Here) to see some important questions to ask.

4. Have a clear and concise presentation of the gospel.  (Click Here) for an example.

5. Remember, it’s the Word of God that does the work, so be sure to show people from the Word.

6. After sharing, ask if that makes sense to them.

7. Ask if they would like to ask Jesus into their life and have forgiveness of their sin.

8. Share a suggested prayer with them, so they know what is required.  (Click Here) for an example.

9. Ask if that prayer expresses what they feel in their heart.

10. Offer to pray that prayer of faith with them.

Then of course, confirm the decision by asking where Jesus is right now. (They need to able to tell you in their heart.)

Then say, “If you really meant that with all your heart, these scripture apply to you. Then give them assurance verses from the Word of God.  (Click Here) for Assurance Verses

You can never fail in witnessing.  Hold that thought, and we will get back to it.

Definition of witnessing:  Witnessing is sharing the person of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving the results to God.

(Click Here) To See Ten Great Reasons To Be A Soul Winner


Get Them Seat Before an Open Bible  

March 10, 2008
by Steve Andres

Getting them seated, and getting their eyes on the Scriptures ...
Steve & Pat Andres

When trying to get someone to look at the scriptures, we use this question to get an opportunity seat them in front of an open the Bible to show them the Scriptures for salvation:

"If we could show you, how you can be 100% sure of being born again, you would like to see it, wouldn't you?  Remember, I am not asking you to do anything, just see it, what would it hurt?"
Many people will not let soul winners "show it to them", because they are misunderstanding what we are asking.  They think we are asking them to commit to something they have not seen or heard.  They think we are asking them to be born again, not just see it.

You can tell by their reply as to what they are thinking.  If they say, "I don't want to do that right now", be sure they are thinking you are asking them to be born again instead of asking them to just see it.
Sometimes we have to say it several times for them to really see what we are asking.  We repeat, "Now remember, I am not asking you to be born again, I am simply asking you to see it, what would it hurt to just look."

Many people think we are asking to them to "buy", when we are really asking them to "window shop".  Of course, after they have seen the plan of salvation, we always ask them to be born again.

After the presentation of the Gospel ...
Once the Gospel is presented, we say, "Now at the beginning, I asked you if you would like to just see what it takes to be born again.  You said, 'Yes', I now I have showed it to you.  I think you have seen it and understand it." 
They always reply, "Yes". 
"But do you realize, that just seeing it or even understanding it, does not do you one bit of good, unless you actually (and then I pause, and 90% of the time, they will fill in the blank with "Do it".)  Right, do you want to do it?"

We like using this method, because it tells the prospect exactly what we are doing, where we are going and leaving all commitments to them.


“He that winneth souls is wise” - Proverbs 11:30  

March 5, 2008
by Glen Moore

“He that winneth souls is wise” - Proverbs 11:30
Are you wise?  We all hope we are wise in the eyes of God as he leads and instructs us through His Word.  The best instruction you can receive in life is not from “self help” books, but from the Bible, and one of the best books in the Bible to gain wisdom is - Proverbs.  And what does Proverbs say a wise man or women does - they winneth souls.  Just what does that mean - winneth souls?

First, understand you don’t winneth the soul - God does! But this verse means God wants you to “participate” in the winning of souls.  That means God calls on believers who want to be wise in His eyes to do their part in the winning of souls. Most people don’t think of themselves as “soul winners.”  They usually think “Isn’t that the preacher’s job?” as Roger Olson says in his book - I’m Just A Laymen. The fact is God calls all of us to share the gospel with people, and guess what, when you do that you are “preaching” the gospel.  Listed below are a few tips to help you.

  • First - your life is a witness - guard your witness - guard your life from the world - How can you witness for him when your life looks like the world?
  • Are you walking with Him - in His Word, prayer, & fellowship with the brethren? You should be.
  • Are you praying for your lost family members, friends, and co-workers.  You should be.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with family members, friends, co-workers, and anyone God will put in your path - It’s called “Keeping Divine Appointment,” and as author Roger Olson describes it in his book, “It can be as natural as breathing,” and it can be!  You just need to be looking and anticipating those appointments. 



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