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Moore - Glen and Carol

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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story    
Rose Festival  

May 15, 2008
by Carol Moore

The "Rose Festival" in Orangeburg, SC reaped a Harvest of 52 Professions of Faith. PTL! What a special blessing it was to serve God by sharing the Gospel with so many at the Rose Festival. It was sunny and warm as evidenced by the big hat and sunglasses, but a beautiful SC weekend. This young couple pictured was a special blessing. He was already saved and his girlfriend was not. She responded to my invitation to show her the scriptures. He joined us, but kept very quiet and did not distract the presentation. With big tears in her eyes she prayed to receive Christ as Saviour. Her heart was so tender and overwhelmed as she realized the magnitude of what just happened. Her boyfriend was very happy too! She thanked me, hugged me and posed for this picture. WOW! The thrill of leading someone to Christ is something I'll never get over and is truly a special blessing. Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to serve thru AGM.


GREAT PLAINNESS OF SPEECH (II Cor 3:12 & Eph 6:19)  

April 9, 2008
by Glen Moore

Plainness of speech - meaning boldness.  We need to be both bold and plain with our speech concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ, not confusing the person whom we are trying to explain the mystery of salvation by grace.  I've heard it said, and believe there is truth in the statement, "It takes a theologian to complicate and confuse the simple plan of salvation." Our goal in sharing the plain truth of the gospel is to keep it simple.  I know it was not simple to God, it cost God everything.  That fact is why we need to keep it simple, because God has already paid the price through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.  The work has already been done.  What does it mean to keep the presentation of the gospel simple?  It means not complicating the simple plan of salvation with religious rhetoric and words the prospect you are sharing with does not understand.  Don't use religious words for which they don't know the meaning.  Even many Christians are still in dispute of what a certain word might mean.  Some words which are in the scriptures you show the prospect, like the word "righteousness" or "sin" and even "believe" (put your trust in) must be explained for the prospect to really understand what he/she is being shown from the Bible. The Word of God is what does the work in the heart of person to believe, BUT part of the job we have as proclaimers is to help them understand anything which they may be confused about.  We certainly don't want to contribute to any confusion in their minds.  Let the Word do it's work...

For The Salvation of Souls,

Glen Moore




March 31, 2008
by Glen Moore

Do you have beautiful feet?  In days of Jesus time on earth, feet were a big deal.  Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the people walked everywhere, and they didn't have the wonderful shoes we have today, they had open sandals, which after time left their feet rough, nasty, and dirty.  That was why it was proper when entering in someone home, they washed their feet.  BUT, you say what do feet have to do with soul winning?  Well, we are told to Go  (Mark 16:15), and it takes the action of our feet to get us there; in other words soul winning (witnessing, sharing your faith, what ever you want to call it) is not done by sitting around, it takes effort to go.  And in the going "our feet" may become rough, scoffed up, and even appear dirty (metaphorically), but don't despair, Jesus told us to expect tribulation and difficulty.  Jesus did not guarantee us it would always be easy, but did guarantee He would be with us "..alway, even unto the end." (Matt 28:20b).  Of course the Apostle Paul, the other Apostles, and Disciples of Christ were examples of the blessings of God, and the tribulations of being a proclaimer of the Gospel.  BUT, beyond that, God guarantees us "beautiful feet."  Do you have beautiful feet in the eyes of God?  Not man's idea of beautiful feet, but God's idea of beautiful feet.  Romans 10:15 tell us: "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"  In Jesus day, the appearance of someone's feet must have spoke volumes to people about who the person was.  If they had beautiful feet it usually it meant they were of Royalty; riding, or carried around, and their feet washed for them by servants. Are you that part of the royal family who God looks at and says your feet are so beautiful?

For The Salvation of Souls, 

Glen Moore

P.S. Here are some good soul winning books, soul winners Bible, and others you might find interesting (Click Here).  Also, if you have not gotten a FREE copy of the ebook "Six Basic Steps in a Personal Witness," you are more than welcome to claim your copy by Clicking Here and downloading a copy.

P.S.S.  You can view some previous soul winning tips here.




March 25, 2008
by Glen Moore

Remember it’s not you that is responsible for the soul that is saved.  It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility; “no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost” (1 Cor 12:3b).  BUT! Your job is to go and tell them; “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Will you Go?  Will to go to your neighbors, your family, friends, co-workers, will you even go to the strangers you meet everyday in the market place?  Will you?  Remember it’s not you that is doing it, it is the Holy Ghost!  The “Go” in Mark 16:15 is not a request, it’s a command.  It’s a command just like “thou shall not.”  It’s really not optional. It was the command of Jesus to all that follow him.  Some say, “Oh, but I can’t do that (share the gospel).”  Oh, but you can, you see when you say “I can’t” you are relying on yourself, and not God.  Your ability to share the gospel is not in yourself, it is in God.  “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God; Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament;”(II Cor. 3:5-6a).   You are God’s messenger!  He will enable you.  Tell someone.  It’s your responsibility to tell them, it’s God’s responsibility to save them!


Should I Know How to Witness to a Hindu, or Mormon, or ....?  

March 20, 2008
by Glen Moore

We should all learn how to witness to every group we may meet, BUT I have seen people study, take classes, read books, and attempt to gain all types of knowledge about witnessing to many of the different groups in an effort to “learn” how to witness in these difficult situations only to be challenged by the problem only a very few times in their whole life.  The greater problem is the everyday people you encounter on a daily basis in your neighborhood, at your work place, and everywhere you go.  Yes, we should learn how to witness in these difficult situations, but more importantly we should learn to witness in everyday situations for which you will have many opportunities.  And the bigger question is:  Are you prepared and do you take every opportunity to witness to everyone you can.  If you will prepare yourself to witness to the 99 out of 100 you will encounter in a day, you will find that you will eventually prepare yourself for the difficult cases.



What Are We Here For? Fishing For Souls!  

September 28, 2007
by Glen Moore

Glen & Carol Moore
Click on Play Button below

Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  That is what we are doing here at the Big “E,” we’re fishing for the souls of men.  We are not here to eat elephant ears or world famous Cream Puffs, or to watch the Circus, or tour the State buildings, we’re here to spread the best news ever given to man.  We’re here to distribute the best gift God has ever given, His Son Jesus.  Sadly, many don’t want it.  Many just don’t want the greatest gift ever given.  As you view the video you will see a little glimpse of how unresponsive people are to God or Jesus or anything to do with it.  Unbelievably, people are content with where they are spiritually and they tell us so often. But, you’ll also see that a few do want to hear, and that is why we are here.

We have crossed over the 300 mark in those who have made a profession of faith.  I personally have had some of the best opportunities I can remember with more immediately expressing a desire to know more, and get involved somewhere in church.  So when it seems not many are responsive, it’s such a great blessing to know our labor is not in vain and God is still working in the hearts of men.  “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. (1 Cor. 15:58)

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(Click Here) to see ministry video of Glen and Carol Moore (5 minutes)


Soul Winners In The Making - Grandkids!  

September 21, 2007
by Glen Moore

Sharing the gospel comes hard to some people, but to young people (under 10years old) it makes all the sense in the world.  Oh, to have that innocence of heart back as an adult.  It seems as we get older, and we consume more of the world into our system, we don’t want to be labeled among those “fools” who share the gospel with the lost.  “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”(I Cor 1:18).  Although, for young people they have no thought for how they look, or what people will say, only that everyone needs to know and they can’t see why they shouldn’t tell them.  WOW! To have that attitude as an adult.  I want my innocence back.  Can you imagine having the innocence which thinks everyone wants to hear it?  That innocence which believes no one would turn down the gift of eternal life.  Believe it or not we need to become as children when we share the gospel, not having any preconceived notions about people, but with complete and perfect “expectation” thinking every person would want to hear this “good news.”  “The fear of man bringeth a snare:”(Pro 29:25)

Pictured on this page is a man who was a “fool for Christ sake” as he witnesses here to a lost young man, pouring out with the compassion of Christ the truth of the gospel, while internally praying this young man would receive the gift of eternal life provided through Christ alone, and because of the cross.  I don’t remember what this young man’s decision was in 2005, but Jerry was willing to humble himself in the eyes of the world for the sake of Christ.  Jerry died this year.  He had invested much into seeing the gospel spread around the world, and was not afraid to be labeled among the “foolish” who preached the cross that some could see the truth and be saved.

Pictured on this page is some SOUL WINNERS IN THE MAKING.  Pictured handing out smile tracts this year is the grandson of Jerry, "Ian" (pictured top right).  His mother brought him by the booth just to visit, but he could not resist the invitation to give out those little smile booklets his grandfather had given out at the fair.  I know that if God allows a glimpse from Heaven of the things that please Him, Jerry was very pleased to see his grandson spreading the Word of Truth to a lost and dying world.  Also pictured is Roger and Judy Olson’s grandson "Bradley" (picture right) working with his parents (Wade & Karen)(standing behind his Dad) having worked for several years at the fair with his grandpa. 

Speaking of reproducing soul winners, our precious granddaughter (Betsy Grace 3yr) whom we got a report of this week, seems to have a desire in her heart to share as well.  You’ve got to read this beautiful story told by her mother of her very first effort to spread the gospel. 
(Click Here)
.  Start them young and they won’t forget it.

Another wonderful thing happened as Jerry's grand-daugher, Colleen, came with her mother Lisa (Jerry's daughter), and most importantly brought her friend into the booth for the specific purpose of hearing the gospel.  What a blessing that was as Roger showed her from the scripture and she made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Oh, what a blessing the grandkids are, and then to see them committed to sharing with others is beyond description.

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Tow Truck Ride  

September 18, 2007
by Glen Moore

Today's Big Story

Our Tow Truck Ride:

Today was an off day for our fair schedule, but we worked most of the day on our other AGM ministry duties.  Carol got a bunch of packets completed for prospective missionaries.  Sent out reference letters to a number of people for missionary applicants.  I worked several different administrative tasks, and don't know where the day went.  But, at about 4:00pm we headed to the Post Office to mail out the packets.  Then it was off to Office Depot to get a new printer cartridge.  Then to Marshall's to get another blanket; it's turned cold up here!  Then to the Big Y Grocery Store for some much needed supplies.

We headed back to Faith Baptist Church where we are parked.  As I was slowing for traffic in Enfield the car jerked as I shifted gears, then as I depressed the clutch the car would no longer shift.  I was almost stopped when this happened and I could not get off the road while traffic backed up behind me.  I got out and tried to push the car off the road up a slight incline.  I was able to push it a few feet, but could not get it out of the road.  A couple of nice young men stopped and helped me push it off the road.  They also gave us a recommendation of where to have the car towed for repair.  Of course it was too late in the day for any repairs, it was now just a matter of getting it out of the street.

Now, the police showed up to help.  The Officer was very nice and made sure the call got in to the tow company from their dispatch which I'm sure made them respond quicker.  The tow truck arrived and loaded us up.  The truck driver (full of tatoos) was very nice, and said he would drive us by the church on his way to the shop.  When we got to the church he helped us unload all the groceries.  He works for the shop where the car is being towed, and he said he would make sure the car was looked at first thing in the morning.

So, we'll see what tomorrow brings.  It's always an adventure!  Never a dull moment.  But last night was a great time at the fair.  Yesterday (Monday) brought 12 professions of faith, the last one was really sweet..... (Click Here) to read more.



It Started Out Wet, But the Light of Jesus Shown Through  

September 16, 2007
by Glen Moore

Saturday started out very wet as heavy rains came through the area, but there is one thing different about the Big E than most fairs around the country.  That one thing is they don’t close the fair for any reason.  We have been here before (year of Katrina) where the remnants of three hurricanes came through the area, with soaking rains and wind, and everything kept going, and people kept coming.  Unlike us fair weather Floridians, the people in the NE are accustomed to horrible weather and it doesn’t seem to deter them  much from coming.  They just bring all the needed foul weather gear and “keep on trucking.”

But, just as the sun broke through the skies, the Son broke through to some hearts who came to the fair with the last thing on there mind of “meeting Jesus.”  On Saturday (12) folks accepted the gift of eternal life, and on Sunday (22) people made professions of faith in Christ.  One very special one was….. (Click Here) to read about the “prodigal son” and see pictures and videos of Saturday and Sunday activities.


Opening Day At The Big E  

September 14, 2007
by Glen Moore

Glen & Carol Moore
Click on Play Button below

Opening day at the Big “E” is always an exciting day as the anticipation of all of the preparation everyone has made comes alive with activity and people.  The Big “E” is the short name for the Eastern States Exposition held every year for eight decades in September in Springfield, Massachusetts. More than one million people now attend the 17 day Big E. Attendance for opening day was 41,547.

 Click on the video to the left to see us arriving for opening day.


(Click Here) for more comments, testimonies, pictures and video of people being witnessed to as 16 made professions of faith on opening day.  Praise the Lord!!


Big “E” Fruit on Grand Parents Day  

September 9, 2007
by Glen Moore

Today we were invited to Grand Parents Day at Farmington Avenue Baptist Church with Roger and Judy Olson, whose daughter (Karen), son-in-law (Wade), and grandson (Bradley) are members.  The church was honoring the national day recognizing grand parents as a very important part of the family unit.  We were privileged to attend and see Roger and Judy’s grandson, Bradley, sing.  Then we were invited for dinner at Karen and Wade’s house, which was a real feast.  You know how we Baptist like to eat, and this was no different.  But…

A very special and exciting thing happened while we were at the church.  A man approached Roger and said he had been saved at the Big E a number of years ago, and was now attending Farmington Avenue Baptist.  What a treat it always is to meet people who have been saved at the fair.  Sometimes we even get to meet them at churches were they attend.  The picture shows Roger (the big guy) and Peter, who says he has been attending church there for several years.  We found out he comes from a Catholic background and his wife will not attend the church, but he continues to faithfully attend.  Pray for Peter as he tries to lead his family in the way of the truth.


Getting It Done!  

September 6, 2007
by Glen Moore

Today was a day of trying to catch up with all of our administrative duties.  Of course, we never seem to get caught up all the way.  Administering the AGM website is a never ending job.  There is always something to be done, something to add, fix, or improve, etc.  (Click Here) to read more and see video of the Moore’s in action “on the road.”


Travel Day – Soul Winning & Engine Lights Again!  

September 5, 2007
by Glen Moore

After Glen and Roger’s meeting with Pastor Joe of Trinity we prepared to move the wagon train down to CT.  We’ll be parked at the Colchester Bible Baptist Church for the next few days before heading to Springfield, CT, for the Big “E.”  We’ll be doing preparation for the Big E while parked.  Most of the day was eaten up with prep to move and travel (4hrs). We pulled off at an exit for a fuel stop.  Then the fun began…. (Click Here) to read more.


Shaker Tour  

September 4, 2007
by Glen Moore

Well the fair in NH was over yesterday, so we spent this day cleaning up the MH etc. and left after lunch for a little excursion.  We found ourselves landing in Canterbury, NH at a Shakers Village.  We thought it would be a little tourist shopping district, only to find out that on a beautiful piece of property the village we found was one of the actual ones the Shakers built and lived in from the mid 1700’s until the residents died out in the mid/latter 1900’s.  Other than Carol’s knowledge about the furniture styles the Shaker’s are known for and that design influence still living on today, we knew nothing about them, so we took the tour… (Click Here) for more info & pictures, etc.


Last Fair Day Is Always A Strange Day  

September 3, 2007
by Glen Moore

The last day of a fair is always a strange day to me.  For me, there is some strange psychological thing that goes on in the mind when it comes to the last day of an event, whether it’s 3 days or 17 days.  “It’s the Last Day.” It seems you’re tired whether it’s three days or seventeen, but at the same time you can’t believe it’s over.  But the last day always seems to bring a surprise, and this day was no different. 

In a strange way the fair ground has become your home away from home, almost like a place of employment.  You’ve gotten to know the vendors around you, and everyone seems to help everyone else, it’s a strange “brotherhood” of vendors, and even though they may not agree with what we are doing, they seem to respect the effort, often sharing their food with us.

The last day is often a “slow” day as people are in a hurry to get everything done before the fair closes.  There seems to be a “purpose” for being at the fair on the last day, and often the people don’t want to be slowed down for something like our booth, which was not the “purpose” they came for.  Of course, that’s not the case for everyone and workers from Trinity Baptist were able to talk to many out in front of the booth, but it was slow “fishing” trying to get someone to take the time to come into the booth and see from the Bible.  The Trinity members did a great job this day as they have every day.  We ended the day with a total of professions of faith at 99 for the 5 day event.  But the most interesting part came when…  (Click Here) to read more & see video clip.


Tear Down Time  

September 3, 2007
by Glen Moore

“Tearing Down” the both can be an exciting time as you will see from the pictures and video.  Everyone in the fair ground is anxious to “get outa there,” so it can be a “mad rush” to get everything taken down, and loaded up.  Vehicles are coming and going, but we’re still soul winning right to the last….  (Click Here) to read more, see pictures and video.


You’ll Never Guess Who Shows Up At A Fair  

September 2, 2007
by Glen Moore

Why go to fair and festivals to share the gospel?  Because that’s where the people are.  If you want to witness to lost, what better place than a fair or festival.  As the song, People Need The Lord says, “we are to take His life to a world where wrong seems right, what could be to great of cost for sharing life with one who is lost.”  You will never know who you might see at the fair.  Maybe you could witness to a grandchild that some grandmother has been praying for salvation for years, maybe a son or daughter that some parent has been praying for many years to be reached by the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Maybe even a President…..  (Click Here) to see who shows up at fairs.


A Great Birthday!  

September 1, 2007
by Glen Moore

What a great birthday I had today.  It began with an early morning call from brother Gardner (founder of AGM) wishing me a happy birthday, then I saw my daughter’s family blog with her two sweet princesses (2 of my grandchildren) in pictures with me a few days before we left on this mission trip.  We had a special day with Scarlet and Betsy Grace and my daughter Jennifer caught a couple of great pictures of me dancing with my sweet hearts.  Then to finish off this September 1, 2007, we had an incredible day of harvest at the fair.  (Click Here) for pictures, testimonies, and other good stuff.


Father/Son Blessing  

August 31, 2007
by Glen Moore

Day Two (Friday):  The weather was much cooler today, and slightly overcast, so it made it a much more pleasant day for the workers as well as the fair attendants.  It was a slow start for the AGM booth, but activities picked up throughout the day, and we ended with 17 professions of faith, and with many smile tracts given out. As our fellow missionary Steve Andres says, “giving out tracts is Big League business” as the Lord says in Isaiah 55:11 that His word “shall not return unto me void,..” You can never go wrong giving out the Word of God, and that’s what we do when we give out a tract.  Of course, AGM’s main business is showing people the Word of God in person, by sitting with them with an open Bible and sharing exactly what God’s plan is for man’s salvation.  (Click Here) for more blessings


Opening Day  

August 30, 2007
by Glen Moore

Opening Day (Thursday) - We have had a great start to the fair with opening day on Thursday.  Without going into all the reasons why, we decided to split the days into 4 hour shifts for the AGM workers.  The Trinity Baptist workers were signed up for 2 people per 2 hour shift.  Carol and I decided to split up shifts with her working the middle shift, Roger and Judy the 1st shift and I would finish off with the last shift.  Carol and I had only split up like this one other time, and that was in a Minnesota fair in 2002 or 2003, I can’t remember.  Hey – I’m 58 on Saturday, the old memory isn’t what it used to be!  (Click Here) to read more about the exciting start to the Hopkinton State Fair.

(Click Here) to see 5 minute video presentation of Glen & Carol's AGM Ministry



Geniuses At Work  

August 29, 2007
by Glen Moore

Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007 - 8:00a.m.
Setup day is always an interesting day, and this was no different.  Usually we like to setup a couple of days ahead of time to allow for “issues” which always seem to arise.  Normally, we can setup everything (tent, banners, lights, tables, 3 door unit, chairs, supplies, tracts, etc) in about 2 hours, but not this day….. (Click Here) to read more about “Geniuses At Work”


1 More Job For The Geniuses This Day – Training  

August 29, 2007
by Glen Moore

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 – 6:00p.m.
Praise the Lord!  The training went well, and I think we redeemed ourselves after our demonstration of genius in setting up a tent.  I think I can say without hesitation that Trinity Baptist Church of Concord, NH, is in the unique category of churches we have witnessed over the years where many people desire to get involved in Market Place Evangelism.   Many churches are supportive in so many ways to us and to AGM, but the reality is that more often than not the people of the churches don’t show much interest in any “hands on” participation in the ministry.  That’s not the case at Trinity.  In fact we almost have too many people wanting to participate.  We don’t have enough slots of time for them all to work.  WOW!  What a problem.  (Click Here) to read more about the training, see pictures, and video.


A Typical Day  

August 28, 2007
by Glen Moore

WOW!  I thought we were headed into COOL country up here in New Hampshire..NOT!  It’s been in the 90s here.

Some people wanted to know what we do on a typical day when we are on one of these mission trips, which is why I thought it would be nice to share our activities through a Blog.  But, I’ll only speak for myself (Glen) on this:  (Click Here) to read more...


BIG Band-Aid!  

August 27, 2007
by Glen Moore

Monday started with a trip to the Hopkinton State Fair grounds with Pastor Joe Bolduc (Missions/Outreach Pastor) to check the “lay of the land,” making sure our location was in the correct spot.  Praise the Lord we were located in the same spot as last year, and all the paperwork and funds for the event had been taken care of by the AGM Office Staff.


(Click Here) for more...



Sunday At Trinity  

August 26, 2007
by Glen Moore

August 26, 2007
We were blessed to be in attendance for the first official message to be preached by Trinity’s new pastor, Brian Fuller who had served as youth pastor for the last 9 years.  He preached two great messages on Sunday and appears to be a great choice to replace their greatly loved and respected pastor (Chuck Phelps), who is now the president of Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin

The folks a Trinity are dedicated to not letting us go hungry, which began on Sunday with lunch with Pastor Joe and Kelly Bolduc.  Pastor Bolduc is the Missions/Outreach Pastor and is in charge of the outreach event at the Hopkinton State Fair, which has over 40 people signed up for training and to work the fair.  Each evening we are scheduled to eat at someone’s home until Wednesday night dinner at church before our training session.  I better find some time to do some jogging!

Sunday at 5:00p.m., Roger and I attended the churches “hour of power” of prayer.  It was one of the most special times of prayer I have been in at a church in a long time.  They have a unique way of conducting the prayer meeting, which produced “heart felt” prayers and praise to the Lord for 45 minutes.  With close to 40 men in attendance, prayers were lifted up before the Lord and the Holy Spirit was in that place.  We know these people have been praying without ceasing on our behalf to get to NH safe and sound.  We do thank them for praying for us.


Arrival At Trinity  

August 25, 2007
by Glen Moore

August 25, 2007

After running a few errands in the morning, getting some food, and checking more things out on the motorhome, adding another $75. of fuel in the MH, it was off to Concord, New Hampshire at 1:00p.m.  We left Colchester Bible Baptist Church following fellow missionaries Roger and Judy Olson in their MH.  We made the trip to Trinity Baptist Church without any problems, but I guess the stories of the buzzers and lights going off were too much for Roger and Judy’s MH, so it started for them about ½ way to Concord as their MH started overheating.  They used an old trick they had learn many years ago, and turned on the MH heater which draws the hot water out and it began to cool down the engine, but it sure heated up the inside of their MH as the temp inside went to 98 degrees.  Praise the Lord we made it to Trinity Baptist without having to call for road assistance.

We arrived about 5:00p.m., 1254 miles from our start in SC.  We were setup by 6:00p.m. with full power for both MHs (a rarity), and glad to be at Trinity.  It’s a great church, with a congregation of people dedicated to seeing people saved, and discipled.



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