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Ericson - Norm and Anita

What We Think of Amazing Grace Mission

We’ve been with Amazing Grace Mission since 1993. We thank the Lord for the privilege of serving Him at the fairs with AGM. There are over 6.4 billion people in the world and over half of them have never heard of Jesus. Well, immediately we think those people who’ve never heard must live way out in the jungle in a hut somewhere. But---- as we go fair to fair we deal every day with teens and adults who have no clue about Jesus--- why He came, why He died or even that He arose from the dead. It’s really so sad. So, what a joy it is for us to sit down and open the scriptures and share the glorious Gospel at the fairs. Not every one gets saved but that’s not up to us-God does the saving-- it’s just our job to GO and TELL them. We had a girl just this past summer come rushing up to us at the Essex Jct, VT fair. She said, “Do you remember me?” Well, as her story unfolded we did indeed remember her. She went on to remind us how she had repeatedly come back to the booth to question us and she left again and again so angry that we were so sure of the scriptures and the fact that we could show her how to be 100% sure of going to Heaven some day. Well, she came this day to happily report that because of further searching she had gotten saved in Oct, was attending a good Bible Believing church, and is now actively engaged in witnessing to everyone the Lord brings her way.

What a blessing it is to be used in His work while there is still time. We thank the Lord we can work with AGM and have a part in bringing a lost world to HIM. Prov 11:30






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