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Moore - Glen and Carol


The Whole Story

Amazing Grace Missionaries

After more than 10 years of investigating murders and retiring from thirty years as an officer and sergeant detective, Glen and his wife have moved from Glen’s investigation of death to life eternal.  With more than 500 death investigations as experience, and witnessing many men face the death penalty, the call of God to deliver the gospel of life to the lost has become the focus of their lives.

Take a moment to read the exciting story of this husband & wife team delivering the gospel of life eternal to those who are condemned to “death” (John 3:18)


The one thing we all dread is: death.  The word “closure” became the word used by the media in the 90’s to try to put some understanding into death.  The one thing a death or homicide investigator learns after dealing with hundreds of family members and friends is there is no such thing as “real closure” when a loved one dies.  The only closure comes when you know where that loved one is.  What happened to them after death?  Once they are dead, no one can bring them back, therefore the questions of how, or why, or who caused the death has little to do with closure.  The only hope for “closure” is to have some assurance of where that person will spend eternity, and will you ever get to see them again.  With that hope in mind people can have some semblance of closure.  What peace and even joy can come from the knowledge: where will they spend eternity. “ These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.”  (1 John 5:13)


Life eternal and life more abundantly are the choice of those who God has called and believe Jesus is the Christ.  Carol and I have been blessed of God with the opportunity to present the Gospel of Truth (Jesus) to people in the market places of America with Amazing Grace Mission.  AGM has been ministering at fairs, festivals, & farm shows for more than 20 years.  God has used this mission to bring thousands to Him each year.

Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons” is the title of a Pulitzer Prize winning seven part series in the St. Petersburg Times. The story is based on the murder investigation by Sgt. Glen Moore as the task force leader in pursuit of a killer who had killed a mother and two daughters in one of the most heinous murders in Floridahistory.  The mother and teenage daughters, who were tourist from Ohio, were tortured and murdered on June 4th, 1989in a most hideous method by a serial predator. The story of these “defenseless” tourists became the focus of extensive media coverage in Florida.  During the three year investigation more than 250 articles were written by TampaBayarea newspapers concerning these murders, along with extensive coverage by television and radio stations.  The story has been depicted on television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Inside Edition, Investigative Reports, New Detectives, and Court TV, and others.  Two books have been written about the murders and the ensuing murder investigation which resulted in the arrest and conviction of a career criminal in 1994 who is now housed on “death row” awaiting execution on three death warrants. An interest by movie producers has been expressed, but Glen has refused to consider such offers.

The solving of this murder case brought great satisfaction to Glen and the other investigators involved, but the greatest satisfaction in life is to see people saved from eternal separation from God. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Rom 10:13)

The Preparation Time

If you had told us a year prior to this call of God  we would be traveling the country going to fairs and festivals delivering the gospel, we would have told you “you are crazy,” especially when it meant selling our home and leaving the close proximity of our 1stt grandchild.  However, we felt led of God to sell our house and GO!   The question was: would we be obedient to His call?  We had no desire to disobey God, so we prepared our house for sale.  We were sure of the call, but not the timing, so we decided to let God make that determination.  We thought we would let God speak with the sale of our house.  Placing a price significantly higher on the house than realtors recommended, God spoke again, we sold our house in 48 hours for $5,000 more than our asking price which was already much higher than it should have been.  “OK God,” that’s our answer, we will GO NOW!

As we began to pack up the belongings we wanted to keep, we also began a search for a motorhome we could live in on a fulltime basis.  Again God provided a miracle deal for us in the form of a used (2000 model) motorhome which would fit the needs of living in it fulltime. We sold some possessions, gave and “loaned” some items to our children, and put the rest in storage and “hit the road” in September of 2001.  We have limited funds on a policeman’s pension, but God has provided, and we have been greatly blessed by people with prayer and financial support.  God continues to teach us about his grace and provision through His saints.“Ye also helping together by prayer for us, that for the gift bestowed upon us by the means of many persons thanks may be given by many on our behalf.” (2 Cor.1:11)

The Moores

We were both saved as 12 year-old children. We met in high school and were married one year later in June of 1969. We celebrate more than 35 years of marriage, have 3 grown children (two married), all serving the Lord in their respective churches, and four beautiful grandchildren.

Along with being a loving, caring, and wonderful mother, Carol was also involved in several business ventures in the past 30 years with an extensive background in business.  Most notable is her 20 years experience as an interior decorator, both as owner of her own firm and Design Coordinator for a large builder in Florida.  Most importantly she is a loving wife and mother whom God has called to be a deliverer of the Gospel to the lost in the market places of Americawith Amazing Grace Mission.

I had a wonderful career with the St. Petersburg Police Department (Florida) for more than 30 years of service as an officer, detective, and detective sergeant.  The last 10 years as the sergeant in charge of the homicide unit.

Glen & Carol Moore
Amazing Grace Mission
P.O. Box 289- Dayton, TN  37321

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