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International Update
Soul Winning Around the World

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Market Place Soul Winning from Yangon, Myanmar


Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I praise the Lord!

I have preached the gospel at the Taungphilar Buddhist Pagoda Festival with my co-workers March 28th-30th 2007.  By the grace of God, 50 Buddhists converted to Christian including a Buddhist monk.

(Click Here) or on the picture to see more pictures from this incredible AGM event at Buddhist Festival.

This is the story of a Buddhist Monk who accepted Christ as Saviour:

The first day of the festival, he came to our booth and asked about what we  were preaching and we gave him some gospel tracts. The next day he came back and told us that last night he had a dream and saw hell. He saw many of his friends were crying in the lake of fire and then he said, “I don’t want to go there” and asked, "How can I escape from Hell?"

So, I told him there is the only way to escape from Hell that is Jesus Christ alone and told him if you really wanted to escape from hell, accept Him as your personal Saviour and Lord.  And then we preached him the gospel for 30 minutes. Finally, he confessed his sins and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord.

Please continue to pray for my Ministry and pray for the new converted people.


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Amazing Grace Mission reaches around the world with soul winning in the market place as demonstrated by AGM missionary SuanSoul Winning with Suan Thang as he ministers in the area surrounding Yangon, Myanmar, Asia.  Listed here is Suan's latest update on his ministry efforts near his home town.  Something you should know about Suan is that as a boy his right leg was severely damaged and has created a permanent condition for him which causes him to walk with a crutch all the time.  What is so incredible about Saun is that his love for the lost souls of his country "over shadows" his personal struggle.  In spite of this handicap, he is compelled to give the gospel to the men, women, boys, and girls of his country.  Praise the Lord for Saun's desire to see people saved in spite of the difficulties he faces in his daily life.  Click on Suan's picture to read more about this dedicated soul winner.

email from Suan:

Dear Glen,

Warm greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ .

Sorry for not contacting early because I was in my home town. I would like to share about my works in last month.

In (5-11 November 2006), I went to two Buddhist villages with my younger sister and one committed couple to share the gospel. The first day, we shared the gospel to one family (6 people) and they became Christian and the next day one drunkard man became Christian, the fourth day we moved to another village , in there 18 people became Christian from Buddhist. So, we got 25 lost souls for Christ. I praise the Lord!

The problem is that " ... Adoniram Judson was an American and the people generally see Christianity as an American religion. They say that by becoming a Christian you are being Westernised...".  Pray that people will understand that it brings freedom from sin and a new, eternal life with God the Father, without fear or suffering.

I think it is my first time to preach the gospel using the Market Place method. Before I started, I was a afraid to use market place method because we don't have religious freedom in Myanmar and don't have any fund for the ministry.

But I prayed with my fellow workers to God and He told me through Exodus 4:11,12  -"…I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say…".

This Scripture passage encouraged me to go and preach the gospel in Market place because I know that It is not our work but the work of God, the Holy Spirit will convince and convert the people.

So, we just started by faith alone. My sister and one of my fellow workers distributed the gospel tracts. When the people asked what is it, then we explained about the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we look it by the sight of human, it is very difficult but from the sight of God, it is very easy because everything is possible with Him. I praise the Lord! - for what He has done through us..

Please continue to pray for my ministry in Myanmar.Thank you for praying for me.

Thank you.

For Him,



Soul Winning from the Philippines

INASAL FESTIVAL - Talisay Cebu City, Philippines
Email From:
Roudini Felicilda (son of Dr. Felicidad Felicilda) who did a great job of "managing" this event for his father while in the United States
By the grace of God there were 265 souls saved this year at in the AGM soul winning booth at the Inasal Festival.  Praise the Lord for the faithful labours who joined with Amazing Grace Mission and Ramona Baptist Church in delivering the good news to all who would hear.  May God continue to bless as the local church "reaches out" to those that made professions of faith.

Please continue to pray for our missionaries around the world as they labour for souls.  Click on the picture (above right) to see more wonderful photos of people being saved at this event.


(Click Here) to see the amazing pictures of God working at the AGM booth on the island of Mindanao, Philippines.

Once again God’s Amazing Grace was manifested in our midst.  Every laborer toils and brought the sheaves of souls.  Soul winning was every laborers goal during these days.

We were not able to start on September 27th because of the weather which hindered us due to the Typhoon.  The van we hired wasSoul Winners with AGM very late arriving, the driver was not able to locate our address.  The driver was not familiar with our area because he came from a different area of the island of Mindanao.

Manila was hit by a very strong Typhoon and the province of Cavite was hit by flash flooding.  We are not very close to these places, but the weather in Mindanao was not good.  We arrived in city of ILIGAN during heavy rain.

Part of God’s working in ILIGAN is that the city uses special equipment to prevent flooding in the city and rain from stopping the event.  The city had spent much money on the festival celebration and would not be denied.  Actually the weather created for us a greater opportunity for sharing the gospel.

God’s patience helped us accept the delays.  We arrived in ILIGAN CITY at 7:00p.m.  We were not able to set up our tent that night.  To make use of the time, I conducted props orientation and AGM methods training for the participating laborers.  Thanks to the hospitability of our host pastor of Covenant Baptist Church with church members for laborers.  We were only able to see the fair space we had rented and plan what to do the next day.

We started at 6:00a.m. on the 28th, leaving from the church to set up the booth for AGM.  We were soon laboring for souls even as we set up by 8:00a.m. for those that were curious of our props.

Emptying of self and in total submission to God was the greatest preparation to every laborer.  Expecting great things from God to do in our midst, and expected as we attempt great things for our heavenly Father.

Soul Winning with AGMWith half of the day passed, God had already brought us 100 souls who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.  Doing our Father’s business suffice our day, because of the great harvest, the labors delayed lunch to 1:30p.m.  It was God’s Amazing Grace that sustains us until we closed for the day at 10:00p.m., and took our dinner at that time with 200+ salvations the first day.

The following day of the 29th, again embracing God’s promise of victory we start the day for an even greater harvest.  There was a “flood” of souls passing the AGM booth; so many that we couldn’t accommodate all for we had only limited space.  We were even short of laborers as the crowd pushed to see what “God Cannot Do.”  We had forgotten the time for lunch for we cannot leave a single soul un-reached, till everyone was shaking with hunger.  We took lunch by intervals.  We ended our market place evangelism at 1:00a.m. with a harvest of more than 300 souls in the second day.  We ended the two day event with 616 souls with 20 labors.  PRISE THE LORD!!

Thanks for the prayers of friends and partners of AGM.  God bless the Philippines and Mindanao Island.

Christ for a Million,

Pastor Renen & Lorena


Amazing Grace Mission - Cagayan De Oro City, Mindanao
Limketkai Mall Tsada Cagayan Fiesta Evangelism
August 28th, 2006

It was prayer that opens the event, leaving all impossiblity about self, and believing all possibility with God!  Every laborer has to empty oneself for the filling and perfect guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Mighty Power to Labor in God's Field of souls!   (Click Here) to see wonderful pictures of how God works with His laborers as more than 200 received Christ as Saviour.

Christ for a Million,

Pastor Renen & Lorena

Soul Winning from the Nigeria


I sent my helper on 1st September to Lagos, to join him on 3rd, on getting to the venue, he called to tell me to cancel my joining him, because he saw a poor turn out at the fair (This fair was the 1st of its kind). At this time I had already purchased my ticket to bard the vehicle that same day. When my wife heard the news, she said “No amount of money can pay for a soul, you must not give up”.

Getting to the fair ground the turn out was very low. But we were determined (though many of the exhibitors were discouraged by the poor turn out and started returning home) to start the fair if it does not start!.

Our second ‘Obstacle’ was the heavy and continual downpour. It rained for the first seven days of the fair. At this point, I phoned Bro John Gardner to inform him and requested that he should be praying for it to stop raining. But praise God, that despite the rain 81 souls were saved.

One person (a man) after getting saved said, as he was leaving, “What you people are doing is worth doing, for even if it is only one soul saved, it worth it after all”.

Abraham Babalola from Benin Republic came to be trained along with Paul Koledowo who came also from Ibadan, Nigeria.

Among the people save were 5 Muslims, PRAISE YE THE LORD!!. ALL GLORY GOES TO HIM. Amongst all the hindrances’, it was great joy to us seeing people come to Jesus Christ.

Many Christians also were encouraged. One Lady came to our booth who  said she was bitter at God. She said she has accepted Jesus many years ago, but that Christians Pastor have disappointed her. Her parents rejected her because she left the Catholic Church. And her sad experiences in the Church makes her to be bitter, she said “I don’t want to have anything to do with Church, Bible or Christians again. I don’t even care whether I go to Hell or Heaven.

After much persuasion, I was able to get her to listen to me. I took her through the Bible and by the time I was through, the Holy Spirit was at work, she was weeping and asking God to forgive her. She asked for our church address in Lagos and I gave it to her.

On telling the Pastor about Farmers for Christ, he was excited about AGM work and promised to join  us in the next fair coming up, God willing 3rd – 12th November, that would be the LAGOS INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR.

God Bless You all for your Prayer and support.

Pictured with Thomas in the photos are fellow labourers Abraham (top photo) and Paul (bottom photo).  Praise the Lord from these men who are willing to work in the fields for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Thomas & Tari Adesoye

Philippines -  (email from Dr. Felicidad Felicilda) - When we first applied for a space in the Sandugo Festival, there were some oppositions. But we prayed without ceasing for the opportunity to do soulwinning in the Bohol area. 

God is good! A miracle had happened. The organizing committee called us up if we are still interested to set up a booth. It turned out that they were losing because some of the investors backed out from the agreement to rent a booth and there were vacancies. 

When they called us up, we immediately brought our paraphernalia for soulwinning. By faith, we already paid the whole amount for the rental, and we will be conducting the soulwinning booth starting July 24 until August 31, 2006. 

During the setup there were already a lot of people who were curious (they were especially interested in the skull display shown above) and we were already able to do soulwinning. Please help us pray that a lot of people will be saved through this ministry. You see, Bohol is a strong Catholic province. This is one the reasons that it was hard for us to penetrate the area, especially when it came to their politicians. Please pray also that there will also be a lot of soulwinners, Bibles, Gospel tracts and also that our financial needs will be supplied adequately because we need to provide food for the soulwinners.
(Click Here) to see pictures of hundreds being saved.

Bohol pastors are very supportive of this endeavor. In fact, by Wednesday, I'm going to meet them and explain to them the mechanics of this ministry. There are already 17 independent Bible Baptist pastors from different towns of Bohol who are interested to do this ministry. 6 of these pastors are supported by Talisay Bible Baptist Church.

To God be the glory that there were 54 souls saved today (24th - 1st day of the event)

I would like to give you the comment of Pastor Rio and Pastor Nick who were manning the booth today. I'm right here now in Cebu and I and my wife will be going to back to Bohol tomorrow  to have a meeting with independent Baptist pastors. Pastor Rio said that it was exciting to see a lot of people getting saved. Because of the many people who were interested in the soulwinning booth, they had to call for back-up through Bible students of Pastor Nonoy Cabrera's Bible school. The students had a grand time doing soulwinning. I'll send you the pictures soon as I am able to come back from Bohol.  

Bohol is a two hour trip from Cebu through fast ferry. As I have said, it is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines where you can see the smallest monkey in the world, the tarsier. Only about three inches tall. This is also where the infamous Chocolate Hills of the Philippines are found. However, this is also a bulwark of Catholicism. It's difficult to penetrate the people here.

We are always praying for all the activities of Amazing Grace Mission. We are also praying that God will supply all the needs for you and John to be able to come to the Phillipines. Please be praying for our trip to Florida on September 1.

Attached here are more pictures from our soulwinning booth at the Sandugo Festival. I have just arrived from Bohol and our hearts are rejoicing because of the tremendous results. Many souls got saved, even in the second day. We have already more than 100 souls that received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I thank the Lord for the cooperation of the pastors and some friends. (Click Here) to see the latest pictures as 100s are saved!

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!  Thank you for your prayers and support.

In His service,

Dr. Felicidad Felicilda



India - email From: Dr. M. E. & Shalini Treveli 

My dear Friends,

Warmest greetings to you in the most precious, Holy and worthy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We had wonderful experience in the first festival of our country by AGM on 6th early morning at 5 am we left to Kameri jathra (festival) with total number helpers were 5 (3 men and 2 sisters.)

We reached the festival at 8 a.m. because we had to park our vehicle at the outskirt of the location.  We have to walk nearly 3 kms along with the luggage, tracts, banners,  amboos, food, water.  Only our women were without Tikli (a red dot on the forehead).  It was a surprising to people to see women without tikli.  While going to the jathra (festival) main place at the entrance security was there, they were checking for any guns, mobiles phones with video, cameras, drugs, and any weapons.  I asked the main security person please allow us to take only the camera, then he told us that they cannot allow the camera because many women were going to god without dress, some were fully naked because people come to god to fulfill their vows. Actually it would have been very dangerous to carry in the camera.

After reaching the event, I paid the money to the leader, and asked him to give a receipt for which he was reluctant.  After so much insisting he gave me the receipt.  My wife was placing the banners with the help of other two brothers.  Then we all prayed and asked the Lord for His help.  People were walking to the jathra (festival) like a large flock in thousands.  The banners were attracting the people. Then the couple who came with us started to show booth, and many were asking questions.  Many wanted to know what the tracts were all about.  We only gave people tracts that seem interested in what we told them.

The first person was the village leader who brought many more as a group.  The first day we shared the gospel with 128 persons - 46 accepted the Lord (28 women & 18 men).  We could not even have a meal because there was no time, only soft drinks and water.  At the end of the day we drove back to our home city Sangli arriving at 10:45 p.m.

On the next day (Sunday), we left again very early (2 hr drive) for the jathra (festival).  We were expecting even more people at the event on Sunday.  We shared with 137 people - 52 people accepted the Lord (36 women & 26 men).

On Monday we were very tired, but we left early again for the festival.  We shared the gospel with 145 people - 67 accepted the Lord (48 women & 19 men).  At this point we had given out all of the tracts we had available.  We arrived in home town that night at 10:20 p.m.   As we arrived in town we got a puncture in a tire on our vehicle.  We attempted to get the tire repaired that night, but the repair charge was going to be more that any of us had in cash for the repair.  We did not have money for a taxi.  We left the vehicle in the garage.  We walked home from there arriving in the early morning of the next day.  My feet are totally swollen.  The vehicle is in the garage.  When the Lord provides I will go and get it.  Today we could not return to the festival as we did not have the money.  We waited for a while and nothing happened.  I waited at home until the evening and just came to the net café to write to you; I had to tell the net café person I will pay next time.

It was the most wonderful experience.  I have been in ministry for the last 31 years and this is the first of its kind.  Very thrilling, wonderful, and I have so many questions to ask you.  Previously in my ministry I was accustomed to speaking to large crowds, not bothering to meet with persons individually and not knowing where they would go after may speaking.  I am excited about this ministry and what I see can be done.  Once again, thank Brother Gardner for his vision to start this ministry and allow us to bring to our country.

One of my problems is that I have the names of all 165 people who received Christ as Saviour, but in the area of the festival there are no churches.  I don’t want to leave them like that, but I don’t know what to do, do you have any suggestions?

Another thing we experienced as the Lord was glorified and we could reach many people with the Jesus was that there were some who came to discuss (argue) with us what we were trying to tell them.  It was very irritating, so much so, it was hard not to become mad a them, but praise God we were under control. 

Another issue we noticed was that at this festival, many people did not walk 2x2 or even 4x4, they walked in huge groups.  Our booth was located along a roadside which had a great expanse to the other side of the road which made it difficult to “reach out” to these people who were walking so far from us.  We wonder about the use of “load speakers” for reaching these people?

We do have needs, and ask for prayer for the needs for tables, and chairs and such.  One of my personal needs is for a replacement of my computer which you know got struck by a power surge at my home and burned up the machine.   Please pray for these needs, as well as directions for the next event we may enter.  Thank you for praying for us as we endeavor to serve here in India.

Closing with love.

Yours in His Masters service,

Dr M.E. Treveli


Nigeria - email from: Thomas & Tara Adesoye 

Dear  Supporters and Prayer Partners,

“faithful is He that calleth us who also shall do it”

Long before the Abuja Fair, we had been praying fervently for souls to be saved and especially those in government - since Abuja is the seat of power in Nigeria. So with lost souls in mind, and the Power of Jesus to save, we launched out to the Abuja on the 3rd of May, 2006. But Satan was also ready to wage war against us.

We got to Abuja early enough with the thought that we can use at least 2 days in scouting and negotiating for a strategic place and brethren the devil fought, we had so much difficulty in getting a place for the price we had available with other expenses. Though economically Abuja is very expensive, we never anticipated the expenses to be so much (we almost ran out of cash), but God proved Himself faithful provider!

We could not get started until the 8th of May, though the opening of the Fair was shifted to 6th May. By the 7th of May, one of my helpers (Mr. Ubong Akpan - please be praying for him) got a message that his father had died that morning through an accident.  I had to make all the necessary arrangements to release him immediately.  I was left with my wife and the other helpers. After all the challenges, we still thank God that a total number of 134 souls professed Christ for Salvation out of which 5 senior officers in the  Western part of Nigeria working in the Governor’s Office were saved.  Another senior officer of the Independent Electoral Commission also accepted Christ.  A top professor in one of our Universities here in Nigeria along with a Director of Federal Radio Corporation also got saved. We can gladly say God answered our prayers!! To God be the glory.

A.G.M. presence in Abuja Fair was felt and it work in Nigeria is creating some awareness. Many Christians were impressed and touched by what AGM is doing.  One man (a pastor in Pentecostal church), sat in our booth and for a long time kept looking at a board and saying “I wonder why I never thought of this.”  He wanted to pay for our 3 doors unit board and take it away that I should go and make another one. But I told him that was not possible that the board was not for sale. He went away very disappointed.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Yours for the sake of souls

Thomas & Tari


Nairobi, Kenya
Russ Stockman - email:

Several weeks ago, one of our young men gave a testimony in
church one Sunday morning that he believed that "the board" (3 door unit)
was the greatest means that we have to evangelize our area.  He had been
with me the day before when we met with a very interesting man.  He made
an appointment to meet with me to talk about the Gospel two days
later and, amazingly enough, showed up!  He is a "human rights
activist" and a former monk of a Hindu sect, though he is an African!
VERY unusual man.  He has an Anglican background and could actually
quote a number of the verses that I used in talking with him about
the Gospel for some two hours.  He made a profession of faith and was
in our services last Sunday after being out of town for two week
ends.  So, the Lord has given us some good contacts in recent days.

Lord bless,
Russ Stockman

Oct 12, 2006