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Tiglao - Rodillo and Norma

Rodillo and Norma Tiglao
& son Joshua

New Zealand

Start Year: 2007

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Personal Testimony

It has been a year & half time before I became a Christian, then. A cousin of mine who kept on challenging me where I am going to if should not leave the kind of life I am engaged at that time. If he has the power to detect my heart, maybe heíll come to know I am having a great struggle in my life of how I am going to attain & live a meaningful life bearing peace in this world.

Itís really a blessing that the team of MV Logos 1 (Operation Mobilization) was assigned in our place where God gave the right motivated directions to preach the Gospel with full assurance of eternity that as long as the Lord is reining, if I genuinely repented of my sins & received Christ as my Lord & Savior. I am destined forevermore together with Him. It comes into reality that prayers of my cousin & the rest of his family that if not through them that I could personally know & surrender my life to Jesus, Lord will use other people to brighten up whatís inside the Glad Tidings they keep on heralding. It was Godís appointment that through Bro. Myles Toews & company, where he left me first come & assist them distributing tracts, inviting people for film showing, Bible Classes, & etc. for 2 weeks & finally testified the most wonderful subject that every individual should decide & grab the opportune moment right after hearing it. By means of a simple pronouncement of faith coupled with repentance I gladly committed my life to Lord Jesus Christ on March 11, 1981. 

As a Christian I preach the Gospel in Home Bible Classes, outreaches, parks & prison ministry where I personally experiences persecutions & hardships, especially in K.S.A., still were not reasonable for me to pursue serving Him because lacking an appropriate learning & training though Romans 8:28, will be harder enough for me concentrate to move. As a question raised, ďHow do I know if God wanted me to serve Him in a mission field?Ē in most simple answer to it, is that there is an inward confirmation of a fellow Christian who walked with God & appointed by our resurrected Lord. Each one of us who encountered risen Christ may have different exploration of that Paul. Itís less dramatic more quite. But the inward conviction of Godís treasures on His given time (now), as it is a major life-long responsibility of shepherding flocks that on a period of normal or unseemingly blurred situation when already in a battle field. I should not be in a position to put on the ďspot studying basis,Ē but to readily aim to hit enemyís standpoint with urgency & authority. Thatís why itís my prayer to have a formal training since I dedicatedly gave my life into full-time ministry for that reason. I believed that the spiritual growth & faithful Christian service is the standard of a strong & healthy Christian life. That the exercise of personal faith & obedience toward God is very important that I must altogether hearer & doer of His Words.

 Now, how I can ever humbly proclaim Godís Words abroad, if I am not well rounded on doctrines? In that order, in its broadest sense, being Godís ambassador, His messenger of eternal life, I should primarily be equipped of it as a foundation with essentials of spiritual victory & present clear opportunities as well as effectiveness for further techniques in witnessing & in Christian service in the long run. Hence, the mighty structure or work I will establish upon this foundation will survive in relevance with Godís Word, as a part of experiences I can achieve through His precious will as Lord Jesus Christ in John 8:31.

 The fact, I hope to accomplish when I am already in it, is not just to follow the standard of conduct of rules & regulations through Hisí grace to be maintained as well as establish friendship to everybody. Above all, the AMAZING GRACE MISSION, that God marvelously provides the opportunity to pour out His blessing into this endeavor as goal & holding forth the Word of Life into availability where He places us to be a living witness for His honor.

Pastor Rodillo E. Tiglaoís Testimony