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Candia - Pastor Renen Abraham and Maria

Pastor Renen Abraham Candia and wife Maria

Phone: 63-9205256262

Sophia Christiana (youngest daughter)
Loren Esther (eldest daughter)
Theo Abraham (our only son)
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"My Personal Testimony of my SalvationExperience"
            I was born in one I could consider fanatic Catholic family clan.  Infact three of my biological uncles were priests of thr Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.
           Early years of my elementary education I started to endulged myself in church service as an altar boy or sachristan.  My grandparents were very idolatrous and very devoted to many collections of idols in the house.  In between is a Bible that was forbidden for me to read, I was even forwarned  that I may become crazy if I dare to read it by myself because I am not a priest.
          The time I reached high school I was offered to stay in our parish church to help assist the residence parish priest. Under my family blessing I enter the convent with the incentive of having the church scholarship for my whole high school studies.
          It was during these collective years that my participation and orientation to the Catholic church deepens.  Seeds of desire sprouted as I venture the office of priesthood due to my daily commitments and time to time exposures to seminars and to many activities.
         Personal meetings with visiting bishops and vatican personalities make additives to to my pursue of priesthood when time perfects.  Firmly activated to church works with more responsibilities and duties specially powered to function.  Devotion to its doctrines and sacraments I did more embraced.
        Every year brought me closer to my longed desired and premeditated  ambition that is to become an agustinian seminarian.  Im seeing no obstacle  to my brightful tommorrow to avail sponsorship for Italy considered as the world's best training ground for my longed office.  With my family clans' total support, my way to my dreams in obssession is irrevocable.
       But as I patiently and excitingly waited, God in a sudden turn my way upside down to a no where situation.  Shocking truths and realities was revealed to my open eyes that I could not precisely write in detail to this paper.  It resulted to my immediate expulsion and departure from the convent.  An enferno to my way a ladder to deeper darkness with so much frustration, totally depressed to no turn for sympathy.  Flooded with by questions of life and unknown anwers.  I even reached the point of putting myself to its end.
      In a solitary place alone with God away from people known to me and I found myself nothing and without purpose.  One day someone approach me nicely and introduce his person to me.  He was a doctor by profession.  Right after introducing himself he asked me if I am sure of going to heaven.  I was speechless because of my persent hysteric situation.  I can't boast anything I did for the passed many years.
   That brother opened his new testament and started to lead me to Christ.  As far as I could rememer it was the book of Romans 3:23 that says, "all  have sinned and come short of the glory of God."  He told me that no one is righteous before God and nobody is doing good that satisfies God.  Then he turn his new testament to Romans 6:23, "that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."  He added that death is the result of sin and that all by nature will die in physical but more seriously is the death of the soul to hell.  And that no one is worthy to enter Heaven.  Everyones' direction is certainly to hell.  But God has offered the free gift of eternal life in his son the Lord Jesus Christ.  All I need is only to acknowledge my sinfulness and have Faith in the only savior, Jesus Christ.
    Without any delay I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart and entrust the salvation of my soul to Him alone in Faith.  Do I didnt understand everything about Him at that time but one thing I'm very certain was that He gave his life for my salvation and that he alone can save (John 3:16.)  It was the end of my search for salvation, but the only genuine and brand new beginning of my christian life. 
       From that time on I faithfully attended the Treasure Path Baptist Church an Independent Baptist Church, founded by missionary J.O.Grooms, the author of Treaure path to Soul-winning.
    Later, my new embraced beliefs/faith was found out by my relatives.  Consequently, I was denied in the family and counted as dead and cut-off from the familys' blessing.
Thanks for your patience in reading my long testimony.
The Lord is  Faithful
In Jesus name,
John 3:16
Pastor Renen Abraham A. Candia