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Holm - Rob and Karen

Rob and Karen Holm 

Home church: Victory Baptist Church, Bend, OR

AGM Start Year: 1999

Mission verse: “Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul.” Psalms 66:16

Personal Testimony:
Rob - I became a Christian in 1997, at the age of 37. I thought I was a Christian for 32 years prior, but in truth I believe I was a false convert. I responded to the very first invitation that I ever heard to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour at Vacation Bible School during the summer of 1965. I was 5 years old. I remember running from the back of the church to meet with someone (apparently I was already a “back-pew sitter”!). I went to a room with a very kindly lady and I vaguely recall her going through some Scriptures. She lead me in a sinner's prayer and probably then assured me that if I ‘really meant’ what I prayed, that I could be assured that was saved for eternity. For the next 32 years, if anyone asked me if I was a Christian, I would state positively that I was. I willingly attended church as a child and as an early teenager, also attending somewhat regularly through college. Supposedly, I went to good churches that (supposedly) preached the Gospel. I remember where they regularly gave preachers giving ‘invitations’ to come forward if you wanted to receive Christ as Saviour. In spite of that, I never thought I needed to respond again to these many invitations I heard to receive Christ, because I thought I was already saved. I thought I had eternal life, and I knew you couldn't lose something which is eternal. Tragically........,(Click Here) to continue...

In February of 1999, upon the advice of a pastor in Pennsylvania, I attended a leadership conference near Philadelphia. There, I met several workers from Amazing Grace Mission. The Lord had been directing me toward an evangelism/soul-winning ministry, but I didn’t how or where. The Lord seemed to impress clearly impressed upon me that He wanted me to work with Amazing Grace Mission. In May of that year we attended our first AGM conference in Tennessee and were very encouraged by what we saw. That summer I (Rob) traveled west to do fairs in Montana, Oregon and elsewhere. It was difficult being apart from Karen. In a relatively short period of time after returning to Pennsylvania, we made plans to begin our full-time ministry work. I said: “We’ve got to do this together, or not at all! She replied: “OK-not at all!” Apparently she wasn’t ready to leave her good paying job and nice home quite yet! This became a matter of prayer for me and the Lord began to work on her heart. In August 2000 while we were both (Praise the Lord!) working the Oregon State Fair, an attorney sold our Pennsylvania home to a dear newly-married Christian couple. that the Lord had clearly provided. We now rent a one-bedroom cabin and California and work primarily in the western U.S.A.  We continue to work at fairs faithfully each year and have also added the local flea market and a regional carnival to our list of ‘outreach stations’ for the Lord during the ‘off season’. Some people ask “what to you do with yourselves when you’re not at the fair?” We are nearly always busy with the work the Lord has called us to. We don’t find time to do all that He has laid upon our hearts. Karen is an indispensable help to this ministry in innumerable ways. We also attend a wonderful church where she has the opportunity to be of help to the pastor’s secretary whenever she is not with me at a fair. We now work primarily in the west where I grew up. In 2004, Karen had major back surgery and her ability to travel became a bit more limited. Since then, she has overseen the Bible Correspondence Course for Amazing Grace Mission, sending out approximately 1,000 Bible lessons per month all over the country. As she is able, she also assists me with fairs in the Northwest. We are also actively involved in our church. In 2009, the Lord gave us a house 3 minutes from church where we also host visiting preacher and missionary families.

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