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Costigan - Terry and Betty

Terry & Betty Costigan

PHONE: 207-827-3137

SENDING CHURCH: Twin City Baptist Church  CITY & STATE: Brewer, Maine
(Click Here) for the 2005 Maine Fair/Festival Schedule

Matthew 4:19 "And He saith unto them, Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."
FAMILY:  Our Family consists of several nieces, and nephews, and their kids whom we are very close to.

Terry- I was saved at the age of 23 at a little church in Bradley, ME. at a revival meeting held by brother Al Crocker and was Baptized in Howland Baptist Church shortly after.
Betty-was saved as a teenager at a little church in Cardville ME. she was Baptized in the Passadumkeg River.

As a couple we have served God for over 40 years together, we helped to build a large church in our area, we helped building a Christian radio station in our area, we helped develop a Christian School in the church, and sent five kids through it.

We both have a real love for the aged, and have ministered to them for several years now. Betty has been a Sunday school teacher for over 30 years, and continues to teach Sunday School, and children's church in our home church in Brewer.
I am a deacon in the same church.

In 1996 as Pastor Treadwell was decipling me, and training me, he introduced me to soul winning with Amazing Grace Missions at the Bangor State Fair, as a volunteer under Norm Erickson a missionary with Amazing Grace Mission.

We worked as volunteers at this fair through 2001. In September of 2001 we surrendered to be missionaries. DR. Gardner asked us to be the director of missions in the state of Maine.

Under Gods leadership we have seen this mission field grow from 2 fairs, and 2 churches in 2001, to 10 fairs, and 4 day events in 2004.

At this time we have over 13 churches actively involved in this mission platform, we have over 60 volunteers from these churches working in their local events.

There were well over 350 people saved at these events in 2004 alone. We have pastors, and people decipling some of the new converts
 in their churches now.
As missionaries for Amazing Grace Mission in Maine our vision, our goal is;
1. To help in the local Independent Baptist Church in whatever way God will lead.
2. To help and support the local Pastor in his efforts to lead his church.
3. To help in training and encouraging his flock to fulfill the great commission.
4. Together we can evangelize the state of Maine.

IN June of 2004 we had our first ever AGM conference in the state of Maine, at that time I believe we were the few state directors in Amazing Grace MIssion.

DR. Gardner was our keynote speaker, there was good preaching, Testimonies, and training, Roger Olson our northeast coordinator helped with the training as did several churches.

AS a direct result of that conference we grew from 4 fairs, and 1 day event to the 10 fairs and 4 day events, with 10 new churches getting actively involved.

WE also have had one couple surrender to be missionaries here in the state with us, and several couples who want to be part time volunteer missionaries helping across the state.

For more information on reaching the lost in your area contact:
Amazing Grace Missions at 1-800-524-6738 or;
Terry Costigan at 207-827-3131 or by email












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