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Moore - Glen and Carol


The Way
“I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
(John 14:6)

Voice of One crying in the Wilderness

Are you a “voice of one crying in the wilderness?”  In chapter one of the gospel of John, “John the Baptist” explains to those who wondered who he was that he was “one voice” crying out to the world (wilderness), proclaiming the Lord.  John the Baptist was not one of the educated Pharisees (men of the Law); he was a “voice” proclaiming the coming Lord.  Are you a voice?  Well, if you know Jesus as Savior, you should be a “voice of one crying in the wilderness.” 

One thing which is made clear to Carol and I as we minister in the market places of America is that we live in the “wilderness.”  I got lost while hunting many years ago in a state forest (a wilderness), and roamed around for hours trying to find my way.  I finally stumbled across the road I had been searching for and was led out of the forest shortly before sundown.  What was really remarkable was that I had been following my compass for a great distance thinking I was going the right way, but at one point I turned 90 degrees another direction and within 20 yards came to the road – “the way” out of the wilderness.  I discovered I had been walking parallel to “the way” for a great distance, but thought I was going the right way.  If only someone had been on the road “crying out.”

Folks, there are many people out there that think they are going the right way, but are really lost in the wilderness.  You don’t have to be a bible scholar, to “cry out in the wilderness,” you just have to be a person willing to use your “voice” to call others to “the way.”  If you had been in the forest that day and knew I was lost, would you have not been “crying out” trying to lead me out of the wilderness?  There are many people around you who are lost in the wilderness; won’t you “cry out” to them?  You see we are all called to be a “John the Baptist.”

Please pray for Amazing Grace Mission and work done in the Market Places of America through fairs, festivals and flea markets.

"The Way" is written by missionary Glen Moore based solely on his thoughts and study.  If you have any comments - please email Glen at