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May We Visit Your Church?

If your Church is interested in Soul Winning then we would love to visit with you, and let you know what we do, and how you can do it too.  As one of our missionaries expresses it: "There is no other venue that we have seen that reaches as many for the Lord. There is no greater thing that we can do with our life. There is no greater joy than watching the Holy Spirit work in the lives of others and a miracle being performed right before our eyes. Many live their whole life and never see the salvation of the Lord occurring in another’s life. What an awesome privilege it is to be able to lead someone to the Lord using the Word of God. Knowing that it is none of us, but all of God."

If your church desires to fulfill the great commission, then contact us, and let President John Gardner or one of our directors share with your church how AGM works in the Market Place.  We are sure your church will be blessed and encouraged when you hear how God is working in the lives of thousands of people through the ministry of Amazing Grace Mission.  Your church family will be inspired to share the Good News of Jesus with a new boldness in Christ. 

Maybe your church members, school or university students that have never had experience sharing the gospel with people and would like an opportunity to observe and participate in the joy of preaching the gospel to the lost.  AGM is a great venue to afford this experience.  We extend invitations to the church to share with us in the soul winning booths of the fair or festival in your area.  The first hand experience is unsurpassed!  Many leave the fair excited and empowered as they have shared their faith with a  new confidence and boldness.  We had one man, who was the "outreach leader" for his church, who worked with our missionaries for one week at the "Big E" in Springfield, Massachussetts, comment, "I've had more opportunity to share the gospel with more people than I would in 10 years on visitation."   After the week he said, "this was like soul winning boot camp." The fields are "white already to harvest," we just need labourers for the harvest.

You won't need a week to see how valuable this ministry could be to motivating your people to see the need for soul winning.  If we are not soul winning - what are we doing?

If you want to know what Pastors Say about what has happened at their churches when they got involved with Market Place Ministry - (Click Here) 

If you would like to discuss or set-up a meeting, call (800) 524-4018 or
send an email to:

Don't delay - contact us today to set-up a time we can visit with your church!

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