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Join the AGM Soul Winning Team

Wanted!! National Soul Winning Workers

If you’ve been seeking God’s will for your life, please prayerfully consider Amazing Grace Mission.  Many retired folks and younger families have caught the vision of AGM’s soul winning ministry and how they can make the present and last years the best in service to the Lord.  Amazing Grace Missions’ market place ministry is ideal for retirees who have a heart for souls, like to travel, and would enjoy seeing America along the way.  Many of our part-time and full-time workers travel the country in many different types of RV travel vehicles, and if you own one now, what better way to use it for the Lord.  If you’re not retired yet and have a desire to share the gospel with the lost, you will not find a more exciting and fulfilling short term mission ministry than Amazing Grace Mission. You are invited to "help" at any fair or festival (see the details below).

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Many of our workers have given testimony of how the work of AGM has been the greatest evangelistic work they have ever seen or been involved in.  Please review some of the Missionary/Worker pages to see how God is working in the lives of not only these folks, but in the lives of thousands of lost souls as AGM covers the country in the market place of fairs, festivals, and flea markets.  Thousands are saved each year in fairs throughout America and beyond.

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Join the Soul Winning Team!!
Join with AGM in our effort to tell the world about the Saviour.
Join the most dynamic Soul Winning Team in the world with thousands saved every year in the Market Place.
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Wanted!!  International Soul Winning Workers

With more than 20 years of the blessing of spreading the gospel in the United States, AGM has expanded into 5 continents in as the every increasing desire to see souls saved has taken AGM into the international community.  If you have a desire and want to begin a work in any country, then please read all the information on this page and as much of the site information as possible.  After you have "checked us out" and still are interesting in working with AGM, then go to the bottom of this page and click on the "Request" link and complete the form request for informationl.  Are you excited about seeing souls saved?  Then AGM might be the place for you be involved!

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Below are listed the different ways you may serve with Amazing Grace Mission: 

·         Fair Helpers- help missionaries at fairs, as many as you desire, as a part of your local church, or in your regional area.  You will need to sign “Booth Rules” before working.  This is done at the fair before you begin to work.  Unless you are very experienced in AGM fair work, you will not be left alone in the booth. Come Join Us - You'll Like It!!There is nothing like seeing people saved!!!

·         Short Term Mission Workers - Commit to work a complete fair and or fairs as part of the coverage teams.  AGM Worker Application process required.

·         Part-Time Missionary - Serve in approximately (4-7) full events per year as coverage.  AGM Worker/Missionary Application process required.

·         Full-Time Missionary - Serve in approximately (8 or more) full events per year as coverage team.  Managing an event may be required.  AGM Worker/Missionary Application process required.

·         Office and Administrative Help - Home office, has a large variety of duties and responsibilities, handled by our volunteer missionaries. Application process needed and would require extended to permanent residence in Dayton, TN. area.

Note this testimony from one of our missionaries which expresses so well the thought of the AGM Team:
“We have professionals from all walks of life, including many former pastors, as a part of this ministry. Most of all we have laymen who have ....."determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (I Cor 2:2) The Lord is not looking for faithfulness to retirement, but faithfulness till death.” 
Donna Gingras

Who can become an AGM Worker/Missionary?
Anyone who meets the criteria set forth by the Board of Amazing Grace Mission as stated below:

Application Form- Complete an application form and return to Missionary Coordinators.  The following will be needed to complete the application form and process:

  • Pastor Recommendation- Your Pastor will be sent a recommendation form as a result of info provided on application.  This will be returned to Missionary Coordinators when completed.
  • References- Two references of your choice will be sent a reference form for completion.  This will be returned to Missionary Coordinators.

Letter of Agreement - This letter states that you have read and agreed with the following documents:

  • Conditions of Service (outlines what is expected of you as an AGM missionary/worker).
  • Statement of Faith (we expect you to abide with our non-ecumenical, non-charismatic, King James Bible stand).
  • Policies and Procedures (these are the rules governing working in a booth.  You must know and enforce these rules).
  • Workers Manual (general AGM info and helps)
  • Booth Instructions
  • Code of Conduct 

Personal Testimony- Please write or type your personal testimony of salvation experience and return with application.  

Meet with Board of Directors(or designee) for final approval.  This is explained in the “Conditions of Service” included in your package.  

Can I work a Fair without becoming a Missionary/Worker?
  You can “assist” our missionaries in soul winning at any fair or festival you are able to schedule.  It's a great way to do a "short term" mission trip to work a fair near you or anywhere in the country.  You will need to contact the
Fair Scheduling Coordinator at the office or a fair manager you may know and schedule an event.  You will need to read and sign our Policies and Procedures form, agreeing to abide by all our rules and regulations prior working the fair (all fair managers have the forms).  Many people who are considering the ministry like to “try out” a fair or several fairs during their prayerful consideration before joining AGM.  You are welcome to work with our missionaries anywhere as long as you abide by the rules of the mission.  

For more information see our FAQ section 

Join the Team!!
Join with AGM in our effort to tell world about the Saviour.
Join the most dynamic Soul Winning Team in the world with thousands saved every year in the Market Place.
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