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Automatic Credit Card Contributions

There are two ways to setup Automatic Credit Card Contributions.  The first is through our Secure Online Giving and the second is to complete at CRD form and send to AGM mailing address or fax it in.  Below are the instructions for both procedures.  Once either of these methods are completed you will not need to be concerned about your monthly giving, it will be done automatically through our system until you request otherwise.

First Method  (Automatic Online Giving)
New Users need to create your own account,
simply click Here to “Register.”  Registering is necessary to setup your automatic giving request.  Registering will also make it easier and quicker to give in the future to some other need or missionary.  By registering, you will also be able to view an historical record of all your online giving.  When you return to the site you may “login” at any time by using the login on the left hand border of the site to view your giving record or make changes.

Please Note these instructions: Once you have successfully registered or upon returning to the site; login and then go to Make a Donation page and choose the "need" or missionary you wish to setup an automatic donation for by clicking on that "need" or missionary. At the bottom of the page will be a "give" button; click on that button.  When you get to the giving "detail" page you will see at the right top of the page your name and below that you will see "view my donations" click on view my donations.  You will be taken to a page where you can view your donations record and/or setup automatic giving.  You will notice your personal information and below that is the area you will use to setup your automatic giving.  Use the "dropdown arrow" for Schedule to select how often you wish to give.  Then under "Opportunity" use the "dropdown arrow" to select the missionary or need you wish to support by clicking on it so that it appears in the "window."  Then choose the "start date" and the "amount" you wish to give.  Then complete the credit card information with your credit card number and expiration date.  At this time we only except Mastercard and Visa.

Second Method (Complete CRD form & mail/fax to AGM)
You can make recurring donations using your MasterCard or VISA credit card. To enroll in this monthly, quarterly, or yearly procedure, simply
fill out this CRD form, which will require:

    1. your signature  
    2. your VISA or MasterCard number and expiration date
    3. the amount you want to automatically contribute

We will begin processing your automatic donations on the 10th day of the month after we receive your completed form. You will be issued a receipt with each donation. We will contact you if any problems develop in processing your donations. You may cancel this process in writing at any time.

*Note: Although we do not promote the unwise use of credit cards, many of our donors use this method to accrue bonus awards or frequent flyer miles from their card-issuing institution.

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