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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

It Started Out Wet, But the Light of Jesus Shown Through

September 16, 2007
Glen Moore
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Every day there is a parade on the fairground, and it is a highlight of the day for many people who are involved in the parade.  Sunday was “Cultura 2007” which is the Big E’s Celebration of Hispanic Heritage.  Many Hispanic groups were represented in the parade which brought out a large contingent of Hispanic visitors to the fair.  The Hispanic people seem to be very responsive to the gospel, and we were able to share with a number of these sweet people.  The pictures show many of these Hispanic groups.

As the sun shown bright on Sunday afternoon, 26 year-old Anthony stopped by the booth.  As I began showing him and another person who was with him through the door display, I was able to determine that he knew about Jesus, but didn’t KNOW Jesus.  When I asked the question “If you could just see how to 100% of being saved, you’d want to see that wouldn’t you?” his answer was YES.  As I turned to take them into the rear of the booth, both he and his friend followed me in and sat down.  I took about 20 minutes with them going through scripture.  As I showed them and explained to them the simple truth of the gospel, I could see a “light” of the joy of peace come over their faces when they realized they were still redeemable in the eyes of the Lord.  When I asked them if they wanted to “settle” it with God right now, they both gave a resounding YES!  It is so wonderful to see the Lord at work right before my eyes as I can see someone whose eyes and heart is opened by the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We prayed together and both accepted the gift of eternal life offered through Jesus Christ (Rom 6:23) and Him alone.

What I didn’t know was that Anthony was the son of a pastor in South Africa, and had never before accepted Christ as Saviour.  He was in our country on a “traveling trip” to the United States.  I’m sure the last place in the world he would have thought he would have gotten saved was at a fair in Springfield, MA.  I would venture to say that his parents have been praying for him for a long time to see him accept Christ as Saviour, and the last place they would have thought he would get saved would be at a 10x10 booth on a little strip of fair ground in the United States.  PRAISE THE LORD!  God never ceases to amazing me with the things He will do.  You see, you never know who you will meet at the fair. We often deal with people from many different countries. We’ll never know how many prayers are answered by moms and dads around the world who are praying for their children to be saved.  It’s our privilege to be used of God in an AGM  Marketplace Ministry booth.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

(Click Here) to view video of activities (3 minutes)

Saturday  9/15/07  (12)

Amanda (18), Waterbury, CT – An overwhelming feeling for to know that Jesus/God loves me so much that he’d still want me.

Daniele (14) – Jesus came to me!

Mike (16), Westfield, MA – I have just had a weight lifted off my shoulders.  God has just entered my heart.

Trisha (14), East Haven, CT – I believe I was just saved.  Jesus said that if I truly believed and put my faith in him I will have eternal life with him in heaven. 

Natalie (21), Bristol, CT – I just accepted my faith in the Lord Jesus, and yes I am saved.

Mike (45), Yonkers, NY – SAVED!

Sunday 9/16/07 (22)

Sharon (23), South Africa – I was given the gift of forgiveness. 

Sarah (23), Indian Orch, MA – I truly believe in my heart that Jesus has saved me, because I asked God and told him that I know I have sinned.

Michele (15), Feeding Hills, MA – That I am going to heaven because I know Jesus and He knows me.

Chris (36), Bristol, CT – Learned how to accept God into my life and begin anew.

Note:  keep in mind as you read the testimonies above, they are spontaneous remarks from people who have just made a decision to accept Christ as Saviour in payment for their sin, and have not been discipled enough to always completely understand the scope of the theological decision they just made. We don’t put words in their mouth when we ask them to: write on the back of that card – “what do you think just happened when you prayed that prayer.”  We let them answer in their own words.

Until the next time:  Do take care….



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