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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

Travel Day – Soul Winning & Engine Lights Again!

September 5, 2007
Glen Moore
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I was following Roger in their motorhome.  With this big ole motorhome, I had to make a wide right turn, and some guy cut in beside me in a big hurry, and then other cars began to follow, which caused me to get stuck in an outside lane where I did not want to be.  As it turned out I could not get over to enter into the fuel station where Roger pulled in.  I had to drive a good distance down the road to be able to turn around (you don’t “just turn around” in one of these things pulling a car).  Once I got turned around and back to the station Roger was done and had pulled off to the side. But, the best thing happened next.  The station was not busy, and there was an attendant building outside with a man and woman attending to the needs of the customers.  As I pulled up to the diesel pump, I saw Roger approaching the booth, and began talking to the man and woman.  Wouldn’t you know it, by the time I was done fueling Roger had lead the man and woman to the Lord.  Both filled out decision cards, writing a testimony on the back (just like we do at the fair).  I don’t have space to tell the whole story here, but it’s enough to say, that Roger is always looking for those divine appointments, and because he’s looking, God leads him to them.  Roger always has tracts, follow-up materials, etc. with him with the “expectation” that something is going to happen.  It was a joy to get fuel at this station even if the cost was $125.  You see how God works; if I had not gotten “cut off” by the guy in the car, I would have fueled up at the same time as Roger, and he probably would not have taken the time to talk the attendants.  You see…all things do work together for good (Rom 8:28).

We pulled out talking on our two-way radios, and rejoicing over the saved souls, and what a great week it had been….then I looked down at the instrument panel and saw the yellow “engine light” was on.  What now!  It seems to often happen this way, as soon as there is a blessing, there comes a testing.  What a privilege to be used of God and counted among those called into ministry (1 Tim 1:12).  After, check fluid levels and everything I could think of to do, I decided we would proceed on and see if the red “stop engine” light would come on.  I’ve seen that before and it requires a BIG TOW TRUCK!  We continued on and about 40 miles down the road and truck pulls out of an exit right into our lane and required hard braking and the engine light went off.  Hmm….you tell me, I don’t know.

We arrived without any other problems at Colchester Bible Baptist Church.  We arrived just in time for a quick supper and Wednesday night prayer meeting.  We were tired and ready to crash.  I dare not wake Carol early tomorrow!

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