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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

You’ll Never Guess Who Shows Up At A Fair

September 2, 2007
Glen Moore
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Sunday afternoon at the fair brings out many different kinds of people.  Rich people, kids, mothers, fathers, grand parents, old people, young people, important people, not so important people and even sometimes Presidents.  You see people are people, and it does not matter what status in life they have or how much money they have or don’t have, the one thing they all need is:  The Lord!  People Need The Lord.

On this Sunday afternoon former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary showed up at the Hopkinton State Fair catching everyone by surprise.  I contemplated the possibility of the couple coming by the AGM booth as they were only about 300’ from our booth looking at the giant pumpkins.  Oh, what an opportunity that would be, to hand them one of our smile booklets, to show them through the doors, and then ask them the same question we ask everyone – “are you sure of going to heaven?”  In spite of what your opinion might be of the Clintons, they are souls who “need the Lord” just like everyone else.  Everyone at the AGM booth was praying for the opportunity, but it did not come.  We were all disappointed.  In spite of the fact that their soul is no more important than the least influential person at the fair, I could not help but hope for the opportunity to at least put the word of God in their hand with one of our tracts.  Oh well, it was an exciting thought while it lasted, maybe another day, but in the mean time 21 souls made professions of faith in Jesus Christ on this beautiful Sunday in New Hampshire.

Do take care....

Glen & Carol

Response from : Betty  

September 4, 2007 9:23 AM

What an opportunity that would have been to give a tract Mr. Clinton. Keep up the good work!


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