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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

A Great Birthday!

September 1, 2007
Glen Moore
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What a beautiful day of weather we had at the fair.  Clear skies and temperature in the 70s brought out a record breaking crowd of people.  It was hard for Carol to find a parking space when she went in for her shift.  I also had a hard time finding a place to park, but I was able to “sweet talk” one of the police officers into letting me into one of the closed parking lots.  The police eventually shut down all of the public parking areas because there were no spots left, even if you had a parking pass.  Carol ended up parking a great distance from the fair, just making it in on time to relieve Roger and Judy Olson.  Somehow, I was able to find a spot not far from the entrance.

The problem on these types of days is there are just too many people at the fair.  The people get what we call the “herd effect,” which means the crowd in the walkways move like a bunch of cattle being moved along by each other, being directed by the pushing flow of the crowd.  Actually, it’s an amazing thing to watch.  It’s a great picture of how people are being “lead to slaughter” in this world and don’t even know what is happening to them, they are just led along by the crowd.  The other thing which is amazing to watch is how, when the crowd is moving like this, when offered a smile tract, if one says no, everyone behind them says no.  If a pull back my arm from the crowd and wait a few seconds and then extend the invitation again, and someone takes the tract, then everyone behind them wants it also, and I can’t give them out fast enough.  People are strange; we are like sheep.  Only the person with some semblance discernment is not led around like sheep in this world going where ever the crowd is going (II Peter 3:17).

As the crowd thinned out we were able to get more people to stop and consider our 3 door unit (bait), and when the night was done at 10:00p.m., 36 people had made professions of faith on this my birthday.  Thirty-six people had the most important birthday of their lives, new birth in Jesus Christ!  What a blessing it was during my shift as I was able to share with and lead a number of people to the Lord.  What a birthday present that was!  I never get tired of sharing the gospel; my voice might give out, and my legs might get tired, but the sheer delight of being able to share the Good News never gets tiring.

Ashley  (19) – Boscawen, NH – I stopped and a very nice man explained to me how I can be 100% sure I am going to heaven.  He was the only person I’ve ever believed about finding God.  I feel I can be free and go to heaven.

Colton (16) – I have been saved and I’m going to heaven, I’ve been reborn.

Steve (36) – I gave myself to God!

Robert (20) – God accepted me as a righteous believer even though I am a sinner and has saved me a spot beside him in heaven.

Alyson (16) – We went over in the Bible how we can be reassured that we are 100% going to HEAVEN.  Even if we sin, we will be forgiven.  I have been saved!

Lindsay (15) – We were just forgiven for our sins.  We asked for forgiveness and He gave it to us.  I feel good about myself now.  God is Great! 

Carl (15) – I’m going to heaven and I believe in God and Jesus Christ.  I am now accepted.

Note:  keep in mind as you read the testimonies above, they are spontaneous remarks from people who have just made a decision to accept Christ as Saviour in payment for their sin, and have not been discipled enough to always completely understand the scope of the theological decision they just made. We don’t put words in their mouth when we ask them to: write on the back of that card – “what do you think just happened when you prayed that prayer.”  We let them answer in their own words.

Until the next time:  Do take care….

(Click Here) to see 5 minute video presentation of Glen & Carol's AGM Ministry

Response from : Robert  

September 2, 2007 1:56 PM

A great day for sure.


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