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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

Father/Son Blessing

August 31, 2007
Glen Moore
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What a blessing it is to be able participate in the “great commission.”  I want to, again, thank those who have sacrificed in prayer and financial support to make it possible for us to carry on the work God called us to do in the year 2000.  Since we lost a major part of our financial support earlier this year, we were not sure how God would provide for this trip, but He has.  And for those who have come along side of us in this ministry during this time, let me say:  God is well pleased that you have chosen to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.  That’s how God works through His people.  I know you may not want or need a “thank you,” but please let us say thank you!

What a blessing it was indeed for me to work Friday night with a father and son team from Trinity Baptist.  I won’t name names here, but it was a blessing to see these two submitted servants of the Lord working side-by-side in the great commission given by our Lord.  PRAISE THE LORD!  I’m not sure that either one had ever lead anyone to the Lord before this night, but if they hadn’t that was not the case by the time the night was over.  Both father and son had such a gentle spirit with people, and attracted many to our display and then sat with them to look at the Word of God.  WOW!  It was something to watch as this father/son combo transformed in 4 hours from being very nervous about this “whole process” to almost seasoned veterans.  What does it take for something like that happen?  A true willingness to submit to the Lord, that He is in control and you are just going to be led by Him.  What a great start to the fair!

Below are some of the testimonies written by those making a “profession of faith.” The comments are written in their own words on the back of the “decision” card people fill out after making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ:

Jamie Carpenter (26),  Hillsborough, NH – I feel the release of wondering if I was going to see the Lord.  I have been saved and it feels great.

Matt Komisarek (13), Concord, NH – I think I have just gotten a trip to Heaven.

Will Randall – (16) – Hopkinton, NH – God accepted me in his hands for eternity.

Gunnar (14) – Pembloke, NH – I believe God saved me.

Kathrun (16) – Warner, NH – We read the Bible and I confirmed I was saved when I meant what I prayed.

Daryl (20) – Concord, NH – I think God will save me from any sins.  I think God will help my direction in life.

Bridget (21) – Loudon, NH – I think the Lord heard me.  I promised him that I believe in him, and I believe he will help me find my way to heaven when I do depart this world.

Amanda (18) – Jaffrey, NH – I was saved!

Note:  keep in mind as you read the testimonies above, they are spontaneous remarks from people who have just made a decision to accept Christ as Saviour in payment for their sin, and have not been discipled enough to always completely understand the scope of the theological decision they just made. We don’t put words in their mouth when we ask them to: write on the back of that card – “what do you think just happened when you prayed that prayer.”  We let them answer in their own words.

(Click Here) to see 5 minute video presentation of Glen & Carol's AGM Ministry

Until the next time:  Do take care….



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