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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

Geniuses At Work

August 29, 2007
Glen Moore
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On this day the tent was being provided by Trinity Baptist Church, and was supposed to be “the one” for the fair.  One small detail we missed however, it was an 8’ tent instead of the normal 10’x10’ which we use, and all of our tables and banners are made for a 10’ tent.  Opps…what’s even worse is we pulled it out of it’s case and said, “Hmm, there’s something different about this tent.”  For one thing it had a blue roof (ours is white).  I thought, OK, the Church wants to be a little more stylish than us AGM folks – Hey! – That’s GOOD I thought, so we went on with putting it up.  Of course it was a slightly different tent than we normally put up, so we had to take a little time to figure it out.  WOW!  What geniuses we are…we got it up…no problem!  Yea!  Let’s put the banners up, which is what we normally do before putting on the side walls, so we start.  Hmm…the banners seem a little long…did they grow stored in those storage tubes?  Our bungee cords we use to hang the banners seem to have grown also.  Boy, we were really stumped now.  OK, here’s what we’ll do: we’ll put on the side walls, and everything will workout then.  Yea, right!!  Wouldn’t you know it the side walls were too long…. You guess it, about 2’ to long.  Now, I really began to think something was wrong…OK, I didn’t sleep that well last night; that has to be the reason I couldn’t see we were trying to setup a 10’x10’ tent with an 8’ frame…duh!! (Note: the pictures we have listed are with the correct tent, you didn't think I would show you the obvious pictures of the other tent did you?)

Oh well, when you want a command decision to be made who better than the pastor in charge.  Pastor Joe, who was there to see “how to do it,” didn’t need much explanation to figure out “this is not how it’s done.”  Pastor Joe made some contacts and determined a mistake had been made in giving us this tent.  OK…I got that!  Now what?  To make a long story short, we were off to Sam’s Club to buy a new 10’x10’ EZ-Up Tent which is  what we were supposed to have in the beginning.  You know, all I could do is laugh…what geniuses!  I thought to myself, (of course I would never tell this to anyone else)..are they sure they want us to train them?  Hey!...but that’s not the end.

After and hour round trip to Sam’s Club, where we met a sweet Christian lady who was our checkout person (God knows just when to put a smiling brother or sister in our path); then we arrived back at the fair ground where Roger and Judy were faithfully “holding down the fort” while we were gone.  They had gotten all of the odds and ends of supplies we use put together in containers and were doing a “right fine” job.

Again, wouldn't you know it, even though it was an EZ-Up Tent (we are familiar with those), it had a new design, which now makes it not so EZ-Up (at least not the first time for us geniuses).  After all my assistants had read the instructions and none could decipher them, a man happened by who had recently gotten a new style EZ-Up, and he took one look at this group effort and knew he needed to help this bunch.  Well, thanks to him the EZ-Up went up easy.  You just got to know the “hidden tricks.”  WOW…don’t the guys who design these things ever put up what they design?

Suffice it to say, that once we got over the tent hurdle, which by-the-way has a newly designed side wall configuration which needs to go back to the drawing board, but we got it all up.  You know the amazing thing was how our banners and bungee cords shrunk to the correct size after sitting out in the sun for an hour while we were gone.  Amazing!!!

Total time for setup this day 4 ½ hours – a new AGM record I’m sure!

(Click Here) to see 5 minute video presentation of Glen & Carol's AGM Ministry

Response from : Jennifer  

September 1, 2007 9:49 PM

Oh, man! Is anything that claims to be easy, actually easy?


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