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Moore - Glen and Carol
Please Pray for our granddaughter Isabella
  » 4/29/2005
The following is an email prayer request sent out by our son and daughter-in-law regarding Isabella.  Please pray for her.  Thank you.
Dear Ones,
Many of you are aware that we have experienced some very unexpected events.  Last week, Isabella's pediatrician expressed concern about some potential "markers" on her skin.  An appointment with a dermatologist yesterday confirmed our need to persue further action right away.  Isabella is scheduled for an MRI and EKG on Wednesday morning at 8:30.  (Matt's parents will be here in time to watch Dominic and Eleanora).  These two tests will determine if she has any tumors in her brain or heart, but there will be many more tests in the future to see if there are tumors elsewhere.  Right now we know she has one of the major features and one of the minor features of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). 
There are many terrible problems related to the effects of this disease.  We are fortunate that we have not noticed any of the negative neurological disorders or behavioral imparments that are common in TSC (and since she has made it this far she probably won't develop any).  This disorder can be as minor as just being a carrier of the disease and having certain skin discolorations on the body, or as severe as causing mental retardation, epilepsy, disfiguring skin blemishes, and tumors in the brain, kidneys, heart, lungs, eyes and skin.  Changes can occur at any time, so we are looking at the need for monitoring on a very regular basis.
Please pray for peace for our daughter.  She is a typical three year old who is very wary of doctors.  Please pray for wisdom for all of the doctors invovled in her care and the specific procedures.  And please pray for grace and strength for our family.  God has been so good and we are convinced of His love and faithfulness toward us even in the midst of all this. 
In Christ,
Matt and Cheryl Moore
Isabella - Jan 2005.


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Dear friends, brothers & sisters,
Glen and I want to thank you very much for praying and asking about our granddaughter, Isabella Moore.  A month ago we asked for prayer as she was undergoing a brain MRI and heart echo cardiogram.  She is only 3 years old and had to be “put under” for the test.  We are happy to report that these tests came back normal.  However, she still has several more tests to undergo and the disease Tuberous Sclerosis cannot be ruled out.   Isabella has been and seems to be a perfectly healthy 3 yr. old.  Although, she has several of the skin markers (which are just lighter patches of skin and white freckles called confetti markers) that indicate she is very likely to have the disease.  These are two of the three diagnostic symptoms to confirm the disease, the third being the tumors on the major organs.  This issue is not going away and she will have to be monitored and tested continually throughout the rest of her life to try to stay ahead of any possible tumors.  If the disease tumors are not present in early life, they more commonly surface in the second ten years of life.  We are praying and trusting God that Isabella will be healed from this disease or in the 20% of the cases that never develop the tumors.  So, we would like to ask you to keep Isabella, our son Matthew and daughter in-law Cheryl before God in your prayers.  This is a trial of life that is difficult and one that will keep us on our knees.  We will update from time and time as your concern and prayers have meant so much to us.  Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5 

(See copy of email (below) from Cheryl (our daughter-in-law) regarding Isabella.) 

In Christ, 

Carol & Glen Moore


Dear Ones, 
We can't thank you enough for your prayers.  The peace that we have experienced is truly beyond our comprehension.  We are back in town after a nearly month long hiatus, and the dust is still settling.  The Lord knew that the timing of this getaway would be perfect. 

The MRI on Isabella's brain and the EKG on her heart both came back normal.  We were surprised at how long it took to get the results back!  Isabella's doctor told us that insurance has already denied the remained tests he requested and that the appeals process has begun.  Please continue praying for us.  Specifically, that we can get the rest of these tests.  We need to check out the rest of her little body, in its entirety, so that she will have a baseline to compare all her future tests with...

Many have asked if we were are sure about the diagnosis.  Is 90% positive.  She has two major markers on her skin, and the third one (which would give a 100% confimation) is the presence of tumors, and with this strange disease, they may develop at any time.  God knows what the future holds and we have put our trust in him.  He has great plans for our little girl and we are honored to be able to be a part of them.

In Christ,