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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

Shaker Tour

September 4, 2007
Glen Moore
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Wow, were we surprised to learn about the cult.  The folks lived a celibate lifestyle in a dorm or commune village.  There were at one time over 100 buildings at the village we visited to house and provide for 400 men, women and children here in NH.  Other villages started around the New England states, and at the peak of the Shakers, there was an estimated 4000 to 6000 members of the Shakers in the United States.  They were inventors and had no problem using the latest technology of their time.  They grew in numbers by taking in orphans.  If families joined the religion they were separated.  Children in a dorm, men & women in respective dorms no longer to live as one family unit.  There are only a few remaining Shakers living in Maine.  They own thousands of acres of land, bought and paid for by the many items they made and sold all around the USA.  They were brought to prominence by a woman Ann Lee who was forced to marry and bore 4 children all dying young.  She joined an early version of the Shakers in England, but because of persecution a group of nine Shakers came to the states.  Here she formed the real Shaker religion, and is known as the “real” founder of the Shakers.  One of the main things she changed was to the celibate lifestyle.  Her husband divorced her after she refused sexual relations with him so she would not have to undergo the pain she had endured with the loss of her four children, so out of her pain and bitterness the root of the cult began. Their name (Shakers) came from the way they shook when dancing during religious services.   It really was very sad to the think people can be so deceived into a “Christian” religion which is not at all supported by the Bible.  We enjoyed the great weather and an afternoon of being together exploring a new corner of America.


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