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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

Last Fair Day Is Always A Strange Day

September 3, 2007
Glen Moore
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“The Twins” came to the fair.  The identical twins are Mitchell and Tyler, and they are a couple of bold 15 year-old soul winners.  If you could imagine someone walking by with each twin stationed on each end of the table, and as they walk by Tyler offers them a smile tract or calls them over to the door unit and they keep walking and at the other end of the table the same guy is there offering them a smile tract, but it’s not the same guy, it’s Mitchell.  I think there were a lot of “double takes” today.  But, what happened next is what I was most pleased to see…

Mitchell had the opportunity to talk with two men, who went through the door display with him.  One man looked to be in his 60’s and the other around 40 years old.  The men could not answer the question we ask everyone, “are you 50%, 75%, or 100% sure you are going to heaven when you die” with any affirmative answer.  It seemed as though they went into a “double talk” mode, avoiding the reality of the question, and began to make statements that have no bases in fact on anything in scripture.  As Mitchell did with everyone else, he invited the two men to sit with him and he could go through the Bible and show them how to be assured of their salvation.  It was obvious these two men were intrigued by this young man, whom every time they made one of their philosophical answers, came back with a Bible scripture to refute what they had just said.   After several minutes of this exchange, one of the men extended his hand in a departing handshake, seeming frustrated that they were not able to refute anything Mitchell was telling them from the Bible, they exited the scene, but as they made their exit they said, “we are Catholic Priest.”  WOW!  Fifteen-year-old Mitchell had stood toe-to-toe using Bible Scripture as his voice against these “religious men of today” and they had no answer!   They had no answer, but “the vain philosophies of man” to the simple question:  “are you 50%, 75%, or 100% sure when you die you will go to heaven.”  (Click Here) to see video clip of this exchange (2 1/2 minutes)

Now, let me ask you: could you do what Mitchell did?  Are you prepared to defend the faith with scripture?  What a testimony to what is going on, first in the home of Mitchell and Tyler with their parents leadership, then what is going on in Trinity Baptist Church that it trains up such young men.  I have no doubt that if Tyler had been the one involved in the exchange, his method and answers would have been similar. We witnessed him sharing with others with the same confidence, Bible knowledge and boldness as his twin.  The best part in working with a number of young people from Trinity, is it seems as though all the ones we worked with could have handled the exchange in a similar way, what a testimony to the parents and the Church.

Testimonies written on the back of decision cards:

Ryan (13), Concord, NH – I am now 100% sure I’m going to heaven because I just prayed to God and begged that my sins would be cleansed.
Andrew (13) – Concord, NH – I just asked the Lord into my heart and be my savior, I’m 100% sure because the Lord cleansed me of all my sins.

Tyler (16) - Concord, NH – I realized that I was a sinner and that I wanted to be saved and for the first time I felt comfortable praying.  I asked the Lord to forgive me for my sins.

Danielle (22) – Northfield, NH – I experienced a rebirth and to change my life I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart.

Alyson (20’s) – When I said that prayer I realized that the Lord was now my Savior, and even though I am imperfect, I can be sure I could get into heaven.

Emma (20’s) – What just happened was that I repented for my sins and God forgave me.  I asked God to be my Savior.

Note:  keep in mind as you read the testimonies above, they are spontaneous remarks from people who have just made a decision to accept Christ as Saviour in payment for their sin, and have not been discipled enough to always completely understand the scope of the theological decision they just made. We don’t put words in their mouth when we ask them to: write on the back of that card – “what do you think just happened when you prayed that prayer.”  We let them answer in their own words.

Until the next time:  Do take care….

(Click Here) to see 5 minute video presentation of Glen & Carol's AGM Ministry

Response from : Betty  

September 5, 2007 6:21 AM

What a wonderful story about the twins. I really love the picture of mother and son working together. What a precious picture. The video of the Priest was amazing, they really didn't know what to say to this young man.

Response from : Doug  

September 6, 2007 1:31 PM

What a neat story. I would venture to say you don't get to ask a Roman Catholic Priest those questions very often. I agree with Betty, what is even sadder is they did not have one answer from the Bible. I heard the one say something about "coming with a contrite heart," but with no explanation of what he meant by that. Very interesting. Thanks for the effort on the blog, I'm really enjoying it.


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