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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

Opening Day

August 30, 2007
Glen Moore
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Who said it doesn’t get hot and humid in New Hampshire?  This area has been experiencing the same record breaking hot weather the rest of the country has been going through all summer, so what made us think it was going to be any different on day one (Thursday).  Of course, I was nice and cool back in the MH with the air conditioning running.  Did you know most people’s houses up here don’t even have air conditioning?  That’s not something I want to think of in South Carolina or Florida.

Roger and Judy, and then Carol had to “tough it out” in the heat before I came in to close out the day in the nice cool evening.  No, really, it was hot, I couldn’t believe we were in NH and getting this heat, and it was still very warm when I got in for my shift.

At approximately 8:00p.m. some nasty thunder storms and wind began kicking up and I thought we were going to be in for a nasty night, but after a little wind and nice cooling shower it was over.  The only problem was the fair crowd was over also.  The crowd had thinned out substantially, and by 9:15p.m., we were the only tent still open on our strip, so we shut down early.  Our shift had only one profession of faith for the evening, but the other two shifts had seven, so we ended the day with 8 professions of faith.  The Lord was good on a hot, and then rainy day.  Many others were shared with and many tracts given out.  The Trinity Baptist workers had a great time of sharing with people and were able to lead several to the Lord.  PTL.  So many stories happen in a day, it’s impossible to tell them all in this space, but believe me it’s always a great day when you can tell people about the Lord, whether they accept it or not, because we are doing that which is pleasing unto God by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


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