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Moore - Glen and Carol


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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

1 More Job For The Geniuses This Day – Training

August 29, 2007
Glen Moore
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Somehow, this year, I got elected to conduct the training sessions.  Last year, it was long time soul winning veteran Roger Olson, who has written several books on the subject of soul winning as well as Market Place Evangelism.  This year, Roger thought it would be a good idea to train from someone else’s perspective.  Well, I gave it my best shot, and from the feedback we got, it sounded as though the people were pleased.

It’s very tough, if not close to impossible to get everything in during a one hour training session on Market Place Evangelism.  Of course I had a handout, which Trinity had printed out in a very nice booklet (nice job Trinity office staff!).  I also gave out a new DVD training video which I had filmed of fellow AGM missionary Steve Andres in January of this year.  I had recently completed the editing of the video and thought it would be a good supplement to the training session, which could be taken home and viewed over and over.  Steve had done a great job of covering many aspects of Market Place Evangelism, and it should be a great help to them after we leave.  Trinity is scheduled for another event around the 1st of October which they will be working without AGM assistance.

Unlike earlier in the day, I don’t think we “stumbled” too much in the training session.  I had several practical exercises we did, and then Carol and I split the class up into men and women and went through an example of “leading” someone to the Lord from the Bible.  These exercises were very well received, and I hope will help those who are afraid of “getting over the hump” of sharing directly from the Bible how a person can be saved.

I had an outline with a schedule of time for each section and Roger did a great job of giving me the “high sign” when it was time to move to the next section.  We didn’t get it perfect, but I think it went smoother than other times I’ve trained.  The people were excited and stayed well beyond the hour time frame asking questions and seeking more information.  Praise the Lord it was a good evening of training for people that were hungry to be able to share their faith effectively and without fear.  Thank You Lord!

(Click Here) to see 3 minute video "Learn To Fish - To Become A Soul Winner"

Response from : Jennifer  

September 1, 2007 9:51 PM

Way to go!


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