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Topic: The Journey - Missionary Couple's Story

Tear Down Time

September 3, 2007
Glen Moore
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Even while we were dismantling everything in the booth, and taking the tent down, we had a young man from Trinity Baptist Church giving out smile tracts, and witnessing to those walking by.  At the point of our beginning the “tear down” we had 98 professions of faith, but before long the young man was leading someone to the Lord.  WOW!  God was not done yet!  Now, the total changed to 99.  Praise the Lord!  As we were almost done, a man came up and asked if we had anymore of those little smile books, and we said yes, we had just one left, and we handed to him, the last smile book of the fair for a total given out of 4000.

It was a great end to the fair to see the last smile tract given out and the last soul saved right up to the end of us walking out of the fair ground.  We will probably not be back next year or future years, because Trinity plans on taking over the fair on their on next year under the leadership of Trinity member Nathan Poland.  He will do a great job with the help of the very dedicated people of Trinity Baptist, but we have to admit we will miss working with Trinity Church and working this fair.

(Click Here) to view a 2 minute video of the action at tear down time & hear a fair report from Carol.

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