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Soul Winning with AGM 

"Soul Winning in the Market Place"

Soul winning is the main thing with Amazing Grace Mission!!  "He that winneth souls is wise" (Proverbs 11:30).  Founded in 1983 by Dr. James H. Gardner; Amazing Grace Mission is a soul winning Independent Fundamental Baptist Mission with a calling to share Jesus through soul winners using market place evangelism methods. It is truly amazing to see thousands receive Christ as Saviour in market places around the world. 



WAIT... before you read any more: (Click Here) to view a 4 minute video introduction of the mission work of Amazing Grace Mission.  Market place evangelism is the soul winning method pioneered by Dr. Gardner and is his vision for reaching souls around the world. He began this soul winning, market place evangelism ministry more than 40 years ago from the church he was the pastor of by ministering in local county fairs, and then expanded to state fairs, festivals and flea markets.  AGM is ministering in fairs and festivals in America and around the world.

Amazing Grace Mission has a soul winning booth represented in every state of America by the grace of God.  The expanded vision is to see a soul winning market place evangelism booth with trained soul winners in market places in every country of the world.  There is much soul winning work left to be done in America which is fast becoming the “new” mission field of the world.  Do you want to get involved in soul winning and become a soul winner used of God?  Many soul winners from countries around the world are joining with AGM by soul winning in the market place.  Soul Winning Ministry Opportunities are open - come join us in this exciting soul winning ministry as we share the gospel in America and beyond.  Click Here - for pictures and story of a Buddhist Monk & 49 other Buddhists who accepted Christ as Saviour at a Buddhist Festival in the country of Myanmar at an AGM event.

FREE Soul Winning TIPS Email Letter

Use these tips to help you share your faith as never before!  The tips in this email letter are the practical methods AGM workers use to lead thousands to the Lord every year. 
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Wanted!!  Workers

Amazing Grace Mission’s ever expanding vision (Proverbs 29:18) is to see soul winning booths throughout the world.  As AGM/FFCI is led of God in this direction, we are praying and trusting God for a 1000+ workers to increase the number of fairs, festivals, and flea markets in the United States as well as an international effort to see souls won worldwide.  Many people from the international community have inquired about starting this soul winning ministry in their country.  As the Lord leads, the vision is to place and train workers all over the world, as well as equipping local Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches in the method of public market place evangelism ministry.  Please join with us in prayer that lay people, pastors, and churches worldwide would see the need to take the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the market place venue of our nation and the world.  Many soul winning ministry opportunities are available in the way of full-time, short-term, local, regional, national, international, short-term mission trips and other service opportunities. Training courses on soul winning and market place evangelism are available to all who are able to qualify and join the team.  If you're interested in becoming an AGM Worker or Missionary (Click Here).

Join the Soul Winning Team!!
Join the dynamic Soul Winning Team of AGM in our effort to tell the world about the Saviour.

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Keeping Divine appointments is the mission of Amazing Grace Mission through Market Place Evangelism where men and women often referred to as just a layman, lead thousands to the Lord each year in fairs and festivals. As these two soul winning books, written by an AGM missionary indicates, God uses committed lay people in the market places of the world to keep divine appointments with those whose hearts have been prepared. If your church would like to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged, AGM would like to visit  your church and share what God is doing throughout America and beyond with soul winning in the market place.  As one of our missionaries once said, "if Brother Gardner can't motivate you to be involved in soul winning, then you better check to see if you're breathing!"  (Click Here) to arrange for a visit.  We would also like to recommend the reading of the books listed above, which very well may open a whole new beginning in your walk with Christ. To see more information on these inspiring books - (Click Here)

Dr. James Gardner - AGM founder of the soul winning ministryAn Inspiring 7 minute Interview of Founder Dr. James Gardner as He Challenges Christians to Win Souls (Proverbs 11:30)
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We hope you will review our site with a heart and desire to see God's Will accomplished in the winning of many souls in the market places of
America and "even unto the uttermost parts of the world." You might want to begin with About Us or the Frequently Asked Questions section to help you learn more about AGM/FFCI. Please email us at or call (800-524-4018) with any questions concerning Amazing Grace Mission/Farmers for Christ International.


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An excerpt from The Missionaries: "There is no other venue that we have seen that reaches as many for the Lord. There is no greater thing that we can do with our life. There is no greater joy than watching the Holy Spirit work in the lives of others and a miracle being performed right before our eyes. Many live their whole life and never see the salvation of the Lord occurring in another’s life. What an awesome privilege it is to be able to lead someone to the Lord using the Word of God. Knowing that it is none of us, but all of God."

Ten Reasons To Be A Soul Winner - See what the Bible says about who should be a soul winner, and why soul winning is everyone's responsibility - Not just the pastor! 

Soul Winning Top 10 Tips - AGM's Top 10 tips on soul winning.  How to approach people, what to say, what to expect, how to share the gospel in an effective way, and many other tips to help you share the gospel with someone.

Retired?  Want to Serve? Want to Travel? Read on…..
If you are retired, and wanting to serve the Lord in mission work, long term or short term missions, and desire to travel the country then AGM may be the place for you.  There are many ministry opportunities available throughout the United States and other countries as well.

AGM Resources - Soul winning tools, books, tracts, teaching tools, and other items to help you develop your skills as a soul winner.

FREE Bible Lessons - Sign up for Free Bible Lessons offered by AGM to anyone with a desire to learn more about the Word of God through solid Bible study and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Make a Donation - "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." Phil 4:17  If it is your desire to make an "investment" in Amazing Grace Mission for the winning of souls in the market places of America we have made it easy through several different giving opportunities.  If your desire is to make an eternal impact on the lives of thousands of people then please consider the ministry of AGM.  (Click Here) to learn more.

What is the Worst Question You Can Ask a Lost Person?
The worst question you can ask a lost person is usually the most asked question.  What is normally thought of as the right question to ask is in fact the worst question you can ask.  (Click Here) to see the worst question a soul winner can ask.

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